Brake Adjustments

Quality Brake Repairs

For brake repair near and around Long Island, car owners choose TLC Auto & Truck Center. Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics have the commitment and determination to get to the root of most vehicle issues requiring car repairs, major or minor. Our team uses the highest quality scanners, tools, and equipment for brake repair and other car repair services. The automobile industry is always changing, so our auto mechanics are continually being trained on the newest advancements.


Slow Down With Ease – Smooth Braking Systems

Depending on how quickly you bring us your brakes to get checked out, your braking system will be susceptible to damage. Our ASE Certified Techs are here to perform any brake repairs that may arise. Any damage to your brakes’ calipers, rotors, discs, or any part of your braking system can be fixed by us. Your vehicle’s braking system is in dire need brake repair service if the pads have worn through to the metal. You will hear and feel an unmistakable grinding noise when pads are worn off. Anytime a vehicle is operating with metal on metal components, this is definitely an emergency. Your vehicle’s braking system is no different.

Trailer Brake Repair Made Convenient

Brake repair is crucial. Not addressing brake problems could result in dangerous situations on the road and steep car repair costs down the line. Allow our team of capable auto mechanics and pleasant service advisors to take the stress out of your repair experience. Customers frequently give TLC Auto & Truck Center in Farmingdale, NY great testimonials regarding the services that we offer. 


We Accept All Makes & Models

Your Brake Repair Satisfaction

The most complete brake repair process covers much more than the immediate issue. Here at TLC Auto & Truck Center, we employ the very latest industry technology to conduct a comprehensive digital inspection of your vehicle, including photos of all components. You’ll have a long-term vehicle health plan in hand, along with our expert advice, allowing you to make informed decisions on your own schedule. TLC strives for 100% customer satisfaction in brake repairs, all within a facility like no other.