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Driveline Repair & Replacement

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Driveline Repair & Replacement

What is a driveline and why is it important?

The driveline, also known as a drivetrain, is a crucial part involved with the engine and the transmission. Essentially, the driveline is what transfers the power from the engine, through the transmission and out to the wheels to make the car propel forward


So, when the driveline is damaged or is malfunctioning, your car won’t move. It may turn on, but the engine’s power will not be received throughout the rest of the vehicle. But is this preventable? With regular maintenance, you can decrease the likelihood of your driveline failing.

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Are you in need of an auto driveline repair?

A few warning signs include:

Shuddering When You Accelerate: Normally, when you accelerate, you shouldn’t feel a drastic difference in your vehicle. However, with a malfunctioning driveline, you may feel a shuddering as you accelerate.


Bearing Noises: One common issue with a failing driveline is the bearings becoming loose, which makes it difficult for the driveline to rotate. This can cause several noises, including rattling, clunking, and even a scraping sound. 


Vehicle Underside Vibrates: Your vehicle should remain stable whenever used, but a damaged driveline can cause the underside to vibrate whenever you turn or accelerate. This can also affect how comfortable you and your passengers are when in the vehicle. 


Transmission Leaks: After driving, you might notice liquid leaking from the bottom of your vehicle. This could be a transmission leak and should be examined by a mechanic immediately. 


Vehicle Won’t Turn Easily: The driveline also assists in the steering of a vehicle. If any part of the drive shaft, including the driveline, is damaged, turning your wheel can be difficult. 

Your Vehicle Doesn’t Move: When you go to accelerate, does the car move? If it doesn’t, then your driveline may have failed and disconnected from the transmission.

Why does it matter?

Having your driveline repaired or replaced returns the usability of your vehicle. You can safely drive your vehicle again once the driveline is restored. 


Repairing your driveline will save you money in parts while replacing your driveline entirely can help prevent any future damage to other parts of your vehicle, including your engine and transmission. Although, sometimes replacing the driveline can be the cheaper option!


By repairing or replacing your driveline, you lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle, and stop the abnormal sounds and shuddering.

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Driveline Repair near me

The benefits of driveline repair & replacement

More Comfortable

With a new driveline, your car becomes fully functioning again, so you can drive comfortably without abnormal sounds or sensations. Turning your steering wheel also won’t be as difficult as it was with a malfunctioning driveline.

Saves Money

Having your driveline repaired or replaced saves money not only in parts but can save additional money by preventing damage to other parts.

Improves Safety

Your vehicle won’t vibrate or shudder as you drive once the driveline is repaired or replaced. Your steering wheel will also turn properly, preventing any potential accidents due to turning malfunctions.

lubricate drive shaft

Another preventative measure, and general maintenance measure, is to have the drive shaft lubricated. Ask your mechanic to also change the engine oil and transmission fluid after your driveline repair or replacement. 


Each vehicle will require these actions at different intervals of time, so be sure to learn what your vehicle needs to stay in top shape. Driveline maintenance is as important as maintaining other parts in your vehicle, so schedule maintenance regularly. 


Lastly, ask your mechanic to change the differential fluid. Every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, this fluid needs to be changed, but this time frame varies depending on your vehicle’s manual.

Replacement & Repair Driveline

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Why auto driveline repair & maintenance is important

If you require a driveline repair or replacement, or driveline maintenance, give us a call! TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center is a family-owned and operated business since 1991. We provide quality service and are ready to help!


Visit us today at 230 NY-109 in Farmingdale, NY, or call us at (631) 201-5755 to discuss if your vehicle needs a driveline repair, or schedule to have your driveline maintenance!


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How much does a driveline repair or replacement cost?

For minimal repairs, the average cost varies between $100 and $400. However, major components cost more, varying between $1,000 and $3,000. Fully replacing the driveline can cost anywhere between $300 and $1,500. Cost varies depending on a multitude of factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the shop you go to.

How long does a driveline repair or replacement take?

If your vehicle is a rear wheel or front wheel will also affect the time, as a rear wheel repair could take only a few hours. A front wheel driveline repair or replacement could take upward of a day or two. The length of time it can take to repair or replace your driveline also depends on your vehicle’s make and model, and how severe the damage is.

How do I prevent damaging my driveline?

You can prevent damage to components by driving safely. Most often, a vehicle’s driveline doesn’t begin to malfunction due to external causes. Be cautious of potholes and driving over curbs and speed bumps. Things like this can damage your vehicle’s axle, therefore causing damage to the driveline.


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