Engine Service Replacement

Engine Repair

Engine repair is available at TLC Auto & Truck Center. Customers who live in the area near and around Farmingdale, NY have come to expect that when our certified auto mechanics conduct engine repairs and car repair services, they’re operating with the utmost integrity. Good business ethics is important to us, and we never pressure clients to get repairs that aren’t necessary at the time.



If you’re searching for a first-class engine replacement, look no further than TLC Auto & Truck Center. Our customers often tell us that our competent ASE-Certified auto mechanics and our friendly customer service gives them peace of mind. We’re a family business, and we strive to make our clients feel like part of our extended family. New customers often choose to stay with us for the long term because other car repair shops can’t match our abilities, kindness, and professionalism.


TLC Auto & Truck Center in Farmingdale, NY is your premier choice for top-notch engine performance checks. Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics have years of experience in car repairs of all types. On top of that, we offer superior customer service with a smile and advise you on the services needed. Clients notice right away that TLC has set a high bar for the quality of the car repair services that we provide.



Your Engine Repair Satisfaction

The most complete engine repair process covers much more than the immediate issue. Here at TLC Auto & Truck Center, we employ the very latest industry technology to conduct a comprehensive digital inspection of your vehicle, including photos of any damaged components. You’ll have a long-term vehicle health plan in hand, along with our expert advice, allowing you to make informed decisions on your own schedule. TLC Auto & Truck Center strives for 100% customer satisfaction in engine repairs, all within a full service facility like no other.