10 Gifts for The Car Lovers

car lovers gifts

It’s two days before Christmas and we know some of you might be out getting some last minute gifts for your loved ones so we thought that we’d create handy list of wish list for the car lover (or mechanic…) in your life.

  1. Car bumper guards

Car bumper guards might not be the prettiest thing to strap on your car but when you do lots of city drive or drive often, they’re perfect to protect your car from the curbing, scraping and bumping that can happen!

2. Car jump starter kit

A car jump starter kit is perfect for the road warriors who love road trips or spend much of their time commuting. There are many car jump starter kits that include emergency items, keeping your car lover safe while out on the road!

3. Wax and Polishing kit

Car lovers love to make sure the paint on their cars is perfect and often spend lots of time keeping it perfect! Give them the gift they will use over and over again with a waxing and polishing kit.

4. Car charger

In this day and age, you can’t have a cool car without a car charger. Many cars already come equipped with these but there are chargers that are sold that have separate ports to allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time, meaning you never have to leave your car, if you really don’t want to.

5. Car mats

For car lovers, it’s important to keep their car spotless. Car mats will help them keep their car clean and you from getting in trouble for forgetting to wipe off your shoes before you hop into the front seat.

6. Automatic car mileage dongle

This cool piece of technology plugs directly into your car’s OBDII port and will read critical information, as well as accurate fuel readings and fluid warning levels and will send it to a smartphone app. Great for when you can never remember when to stop into see your favorite mechanic.

7. Heated Cushions

While many cars have heated seats, they are often only in the front seat and many older car don’t offer them so make driving in your car an enjoyable experience for your passengers with heated seat cushions. Your carpool buddies will love you for it.

8. Automatic cordless tire inflater

Fuel efficiency and smoothness of your ride improves when you properly fill your tires! But filling your tires can be a pain. This automatic cordless tire inflator automatically shuts off when the proper PSI is reached, making it easy and convenient to keep your tires inflated!

9. Car dice

Is there a car complete without car dice? Add some personality to your car lovers car and find a pair with different colors or fabrics to truly make them stand out!

10. Driving gloves

For the fashionable car lover, grab them a pair of driving gloves! Nothing said sophistication and a great driving experience like driving gloves!


Merry Christmas from our family at TLC to yours!