5 Things To Know About Car Batteries

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Car batteries help your car start. Without batteries, your car couldn’t get the jolt of electricity that’s needed to power the electrical components in your car. It’s a very important job and to eliminate the fear of getting stranded in a parking lot because your battery died, here are some things to know about your battery and electrical systems.

The most important thing to know is that batteries do not last forever. Most have a life span of 3-5 years that can impacted by your drive habits and exposure to extreme elements. Batteries are not meant to last forever so add them to the checklist of what you check in your car every few months.

Bad batteries can harm the charging and electrical system in your car which can be pricey to fix. When you have a weak battery, your car ends up putting additional stress on the electrical system and other working parts. A weak battery can affect the charging system, starter motor and started solenoid because they’re drawing excessive voltage to compensate for the lack of battery power.

And in the opposite, electrical components can drain your battery. Some examples of this include your headlights being left on, your interior lights left on,  your glove box light being on from the glove box not being entirely closed or leaving your radio running for too long.

The alternator gives your battery electricity and sometimes, it can malfunction, not give your battery enough electricity and cause the battery to drain. If your electrical system starts acting up and lights start flickering or warning lights go on and off, it’s a possible sign that your battery is nearly drained and struggling to provide power. Another sign is what is known as the slow crank, which is when you are starting your car and it keeps turning and turning, eventually starting (and sometimes not starting). If you experience either of these, it’s a good sign your alternator is causing your battery to drain and you should have it checked by a professional.

When you do have to replace your battery, choose a battery that is suggested by your manufacturer. There are lots of different models, sizes and options for batteries. Your battery has to fit securely to provide sufficient power and be able to reach your car’s batteries so following your manual will make sure you get the right battery for your car.

If you have any concerns about the battery in your car, bring it in for a check up. Our certified technicians at TLC will test your car’s battery and systems. If your battery does need to be replaced, our technicians will install a new battery that meets or exceeds factory specifications.

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