Auto Repair for the Plainview Area: 6 Critical Fluids

Most know our vehicles need regular oil changes to live a long and productive life, but many don’t realize there are 5 other essential fluids that help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape! Here is a look at the 6 critical fluids your car needs:

Transmission Fluid

Your engine gets the glory, but it has the transmission to thank for putting the wheels in motion. And it’s transmission fluid that lubricates the gear box so your vehicle can shift! It’s a good idea to check this fluid once in a while. In your engine bay, you’ll find a dipstick marked “transmission fluid.” When you pull the dipstick out, you’ll be checking for proper levels and color—clear for manual transmissions, red for automatics.


Also known as anti-freeze, this fluid keeps your engine from overheating. If you notice neon yellow or green puddles beneath your vehicle, you’re going to want to stop by an Auto Repair shop near Bethpage to fix that leak. With low coolant, your engine very quickly overheats, leading to very expensive repairs to your vehicle. Regardless of the levels, it’s recommended you have your coolant flushed every 24,000 to 36,000 miles or 2 to 3 years.

Brake Fluid

This hydraulic fluid transfers the force of your foot on the brake pedal into the friction on the brake pads, thus stopping your car. It’s important your brake master cylinder is full to ensure proper hydraulic pressure. If your brakes are soft or the pedal engages low, go to an Auto Repair facility in the Bethpage area to have your brake system looked at by professionals.

Power Steering Fluid

This stuff creates hydraulic pressure, allowing you to steer with little effort. This fluid may sound like something you can go without—until you’ve gone without it. Anyone who’s lived this knows when your power steering goes out, it becomes an intense battle to even pull off to the side of the road! If you notice any inconsistencies in your steering, be sure to visit an Auto Repair expert serving Plainview to have your power steering fluid checked.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

This mixture of detergents and solvents sprays onto your windshield to ensure your visibility. Next time your car is serviced at an Auto Repair facility near Bethpage, ask them to top off this fluid!

Motor Oil

This vital fluid is essential for a healthy vehicle, as it eases friction in your engine. When oil is low or old, it doesn’t contain the lubricating properties as it once did, thus putting your engine at risk! We suggest performing regular oil changes at an Auto Repair shop in the Plainview area like TLC Auto & Truck! Stop by or call (631) 753-2211 today!