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5 Commercial Truck Parking Locations In Long Island NY

Long island ny commercial truck parking

PLEASE NOTE: We’re NOT Offering Truck Parking! 

5 Best Commercial Truck Parking Locations in Long Island, NY

Parking a commercial truck in a busy place like Long Island can be stressful. There are not many locations that can handle this kind of parking need. Additionally, if you have items to unload, you will probably need more space than what a basic parking lot can afford you.


If you need to park your truck overnight or spend part of a day in town handling deliveries, you need to be sure that you will be able to have the right parking space for these needs. TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center knows all about parking challenges in Long Island. This is a useful guide to the best commercial truck parking locations in Long Island so that you do not have to worry about entering the city to take care of business.

Commercial Vehicle Rules and Regulations Within Long Island

Parking commercial truck Long Island new york

Long Island has limited space for commercial vehicle parking, and the city has created a series of rules with associated fines that are assessed for non-compliant commercial vehicles.


Make sure that you avoid fines by following these rules:

Ensure that you follow these regulations to avoid expensive fines and limitations on your business access to Long Island areas.

Parking in Long Island for Commercial Vehicles

These sites will offer you various benefits, but most of all, they will give you the space that you need for your commercial vehicle parking and for unloading processes. Few areas in the city can offer you these benefits, and having access to this list can make your trip to Long Island much less stressful.

This location offers you the option of parking and also unloading. You can trust this spot to be open 24/7 as well, which is a really great benefit. Pearson Street Parking is right off of the 59th Street Bridge and offers you direct access to Manhattan as well as the Pulaski Bridge.

The lot here is fully monitored, and there is video surveillance 24 hours a day. This means that you can park a loaded truck safely without concerns about theft or damage to your vehicle or your cargo. The lot prices are really affordable here, and you can contact them directly for lot fees and charges. Even monthly pricing options can be necessary for those who are frequently in the area with the need to park a commercial vehicle or truck.

For truck parking at Pearson Street, call (646) 470-6466 !

PV Parking offers commercially-friendly parking lots all over Long Island. They have lots along Steinway Street as well as in Washington Heights. This is a good choice if you want to have access to the areas near the Astoria Stadium, the Kaplan School, or the Steinway Street Train Station.


The rates for parking can vary based on what kind of commercial vehicle or truck you are driving and whether or not you need to unload when you are parked. You can reach out to the lot directly for information about the parking rates and to ask about monthly charges. These lots are not open a full 24 hours, but they have long hours that are quite sufficient for most delivery and parking needs that you might have.


For PV Parking Corp call (718) 609-1200 !

Long Island commercial truck parking ny

There is allowed streetside parking of commercial vehicles in these zones in the Long Island area. This is governed by city ordinance and will require the payment of parking fees when you choose to store your truck on these streets. Zoning for this use is complex, but you can check out the zoning maps NYC has provided to commercial vehicle drivers to help them park in allowed locations.


Different parking rules could govern each zone, and there are some limited hours that you are allowed to park in other zones of the city just to unload and load your truck. You will need to read all of the rules and regulations per the NYC code before you store your truck or choose to park in these spots, but this can be convenient for quick trips into the city.

This location offers some access to commercial parking at reasonable rates. You will have to pay Douglaston City tax when you park, but there are no exit charges and fees. Park Right manages the lot here, and the space operates 24/7. This is a very safe and secure location for your parking needs with a 24-hour attendant.


If you need to have access to a large parking space for overnight use or for a large truck, this is a really good option. You are not as close to the Long Island areas you might be delivering to, but the fees are really affordable, and excellent security. There might be some limitations to your access when there are events going on, but you can call the site to ask about these potential conflicts in advance.



For CitieField parking call (212) 262-4771 !

Ny Long Island commercial truck parking

This is an open-air lot that is commercial vehicle-friendly. The rates are really affordable here, and you will only have to pay $10 extra for oversize vehicles. This is a good choice for easy access, but it is not open on Saturday and Sunday. You will be able to access this lot from 7 am to 5 pm during the week.


This is potentially not a great choice if you need to unload and deliver off a large truck, but it is more than adequate for all other needs. You will not have access to security here, but there is a chain-link fence with barbed wire along the top. If you do miss your pickup time for the weekend closure, your truck will be locked within the lot until Monday at 7 am.


Commercial Parking in Long Island Doesn't Have to Be a Struggle

This guide will help you park your commercial vehicle properly and securely while operating in Long Island. You will have the best parking experience at these lots, and you will be able to take care of your work without issues related to parking fines or obstruction of busy streets. Taking the stress out of your daily work processes is beneficial, and parking for your commercial vehicle can be a huge source of stress.

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