Fall Driving Hazards You Need To Know

fall driving hazards

There’s nothing quite as calm as a long, idyllic drive to see the leaves and fall foliage on a clear, cool day. However, while we have been discussing how to transition your car to be ready for fall we want to take some time to address fall driving hazards.

The first thing to remember about driving in the fall is that daylight hours are shorter because of Daylight Savings Time so many of your daily commutes will be in darkness so it’s important to double check that your lights are working correctly and that you drive with vigilance.

Next up, a big hazard during fall driving is your windows fogging up. When it’s cold outside and you jump in the car, the heat from your body and your breath elevate the moisture levels in the car causing the inside windows to fog up. When your windows fog up, turn on the defrosters (front and rear) and turn up the heat in all your windows before you start driving.

Another driving hazard is the falling leaves. While they’re beautiful, they can cause some hazards. Be aware that leaves could be covering a dip in the pavement or pothole. Also when leaves can be very dangerous when they’re wet. Make sure to be careful with hard acceleration, sudden turns and braking while driving through leaves because it can lead to skidding.

In late fall, frost becomes an enemy to cars. Frost accumulates on your windshields but also frost forms on the roadway, especially on blind corners. Be aware when you’re driving over bridges, down tree-lined streets or anywhere else shadows cross highways because frost could have accumulated.

Finally, because fall is a damp and wet season and there are many foggy days and nights. Fog can severely hinder your visibility. When driving through fog, set your headlight to low to give you more visibility on the road. Also, drive slow and be cautious of other drivers.

Safe driving practices are necessary throughout the year but fall brings some special concerns to be aware of so always use caution and your best judgment!