Fall Weather Car Care Checklist

fall weather

Fall brings cooler air temperatures, falling leaves, frosted windows and a slew of weather related changes. Fall is an excellent time to do check ups because it will help get your car ready for the snowy winter months. Here are four factors you should check in your car as we move into cooler weather!

Tire pressure

Cooler weather leads to lower pressure in your tires. You may have already realized that your tire pressure light turns on right after the first cool evening. Use your tire gauge to keep an eye on your levels.


Windshields are vulnerable to cold weather. Make sure you have no cracks that can worsen in the cold weather. Not only is it a hazard, it’s illegal in many places. Also, it’s important to defrost your windshield properly. Heating the glass too quickly could crack it or make a crack worse.

Check your headlights, taillights and wipers

The days are shorter in the fall so you’ll be using your lights more often. You need to make sure you can see and be seen to stay safe. Check interior and exterior lighting to make sure it’s working properly and replace worn wipers so you can see clearly and wipe leaves, rain or anything else that could fall on your windshield.

Check the heating system, ventilating and HVAC system

Proper heating and cooling system is necessary for peak performance and comfort in your car. If you haven’t turned on your heat in over six months, you want to make sure it works properly. It’s also important to check the defroster and defogger because these need to be working for safety reasons.

This article is an overview of basic tips to keep you safe on the road this fall but it’s only an overview. If it’s been a few months since you’ve given your car a check up, schedule an appointment to bring in your car for a more complete check up.