How To Check Your Brake Pads

brake pads

Properly maintaining your brake pads will help your car run longer and it can help protect you and your passengers from harm. Unfortunately many people look over brake pads or ignore them because of they can be a huge expense.

How To Take Care of Them?

Brake pads are an integral part of your car’s braking system and require regular maintenance. Regular inspection of your brake pads is important for the safety of your car. If the brakes are worn down, they need to be replaced by a professional auto mechanic.

Why Do You Need To Check Your Brakes?

If your brake pads wear out, your brake rotors can be damaged which are much more costly part of the braking system. Regularly checking and replacing your brakes can prolong the life of break rotors.

How Often To Check Your Car’s Brakes?

Typical brake and wear depends on how often and where you drive. City drivers usually wear out their brakes faster because of the constant stop and go of city traffic. You should get your brake pads checked by a professional every time you have your tires rotated or every six months.

How To Check Your Brakes.

1. Listen to your brakes. Any brakes that make noises are worn out and need replacement. The noise will sound like metal scraping and will get louder as the brakes get used.

2. Look at the wheels. As brake pads wear out, the amount of dust on the wheels decrease.

3. Observe the brake pad. Your brake pads can be seen on many cars through the wheel. If it seems very thin, it will probably need a replacement. Other brakes have a slot in the center that is a wear indicator. Look at the slot and if it’s almost nonexistent, the pad will need to be replaced.

TLC Auto & Truck can check your brake pads and replace them for you whenever it is time. Stay safe and let us give your car the TLC it needs!