How To Choose Tires for Your Vehicle

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choose tires

Tires – you know they are important. You know you need to replacement and you know there are lots of different options. Everything else is a question mark. Shopping for tires can be a daunting task but we’re going to make it easier on you and break down how to choose the right tires for your vehicle.

The first thing you need to do is ensure you have the current size, speed rating and load carrying capacity for your vehicle. You’ll want your new tires to match specifications of your original tires.

Once you know these, you can get a little more specific in the type of needs you have for your tires, depending on your priorities, whether that’s longevity, performance or price. It’s important you know your expected needs and uses. Do you drive 40 miles every day? Do you take frequent cross country road trips? Do you do more city driving than country driving? Do you live in a place with lots of snow or rain or is it mostly dry? These are just some of the things will be important to take into consideration when purchasing tires.

With this type of information, your salesman will be able to to ask the right questions so they know your needs for tread life, ride and handling and driving conditions to help you determine the right tires for you. There are three basic categories of tires: summer, all-season and winter. There are different performance levels to suit different driving conditions in each of those categories.

Some tires are known as “premium tires” which are generally more expensive and manufactured using higher standards. Premium tires can be a better value, due to their performance, expected mileage and warranties but you will want to discuss with your salesman based on your needs and priorities.

Once you’ve chosen your tires, make sure they are properly aligned and that you are following the schedule for rotation. Also check your tire pressure regularly to help protect your investment!

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