Questions To Ask Your Auto Mechanic


Finding a great auto mechanic can be a difficult process, especially when you are desperate need of one. We see the uncertainty and worry in many of our client’s faces when they come in for the first time. You’re already stressed at having to get your car fixed and on top of that you have to worry about additional costs or unnecessary fees that untrustworthy mechanics cause. Make this list your go-to list of questions to ask anytime you see a new mechanic. It will help eliminate any surprise costs, unnecessary fixes and most of your uncertainty.

What credentials do you and the other technicians have?

Good auto mechanics are constantly learn and training so they can stay at the top of their game. While they’re not always necessary, it’s helpful to know that your car is in the hands of someone who has been properly trained.

Do you work on my car make?

Many shops specialize in certain makes or certain repairs. Eliminate those up front to ensure that you’re not taking your sports car to someone who only works on SUVs.

Do you charge for estimates? 

Most places offer free estimates but it never hurts to be 100% positive, just in case!

Can I receive a written explanation of what work was completed on my vehicle?

This will help you keep your mechanic accountable for the work they complete, which is important if warranties are involved. Also, it’s helpful if you ever want to sell your car to have excellent records of what work has been completed.

What would you do if this was your vehicle?

Sometimes a mechanic will give you options on how to proceed with fixing your vehicle and it never hurts to ask them their own opinion. Take this opinion with a grain of salt but a trustworthy mechanic will tell you the truth about necessary and unnecessary fixes.

What payment policies and guarantees do you offer?

Get rid of your worry and unnecessary fears or the dreaded “We don’t take that card,” feeling when you go to pay. No ahead of time what to expect to make the process painless for you.

Are there extra fees that might accompany a service?

Again, avoid sticker shock! Before you commit, get a full understand of the costs that are involved.

When will the repairs be done?

Asking this up front will give you a good indication of how to plan out your rental car or carpooling days. Sometimes mechanics get to working and realize the job is bigger than they originally realized but having a quote up front will help you hold the mechanic accountable.

Taking care of your car is a priority and finding the right person to help you do that should be a priority as well. Don’t let untrustworthy mechanics take you for a ride and keep these questions handy the next time you head into a service shop.

Have more questions on taking care of your car or truck? We’d love to hear from you!