Understanding the Different Types of Motor Oil

Have you ever taken your car in for an oil change and had no idea what the technician was explaining to you about the motor oil in your car?

At TLC, we want to make sure you understand everything that is occurring in your vehicle so you have no questions or concerns. This post is going to break down the four basic oil varieties to give you an understanding the next time you go in for an oil change.

There are four basic varieties of motor oil; synthetic oil, synthetic blends, high mileage oil and conventional oil.

  • Synthetic motor oil is a combination of precisely controlled ingredients created by oil engineers, scientists and chemists. This oil is created to have the highest keels of lubrication and engine protection, offering better protection at startup, better cleansing qualities, enhanced durability and better protecting against heat buildup.
  • Synthetic blends are a mix of of synthetic and conventional base oils for added resistance to oxidation. These types of oils are recommended for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that regularly carry heavy loads.
  • High mileage motor oil is blended specifically for older vehicles or vehicles with higher mileage. Special high mileage motor oils helps reduce oil burn-off, helps in sealing oil leaks and helps improve combustion chamber sealing to help restore engine compression.
  • Conventional motor oil uses base oils that are enhanced with chemical additives to meet the manufacturer’s desired levels of heat tolerance, breakdown resistance and viscosity. (Viscosity is used to described the thickness and fluidity of the oil). Convention motor oil is recommend for drivers with low-mileage, late-model cars whose driving habits can be described as routine, such as commuting, running errands, etc.

These are the four basic types of motor oils. There are more differentiators as you break down for specific performance standards. Always check your owner’s manual to be sure you are using the recommended motor oil for your vehicle or ask your technician at TLC!

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