What To Know About State Inspections

Everyone who owns a vehicle that is registered in the state of New York is required to take their car in for a safety and emissions inspection.You could be fined or receive a ticket for not getting your car inspected so it’s important you mark in your calendar when you need to get your car inspected! You might be wondering what happens during an inspection and exactly what gets checked on your car so you can make sure you get everything checked out beforehand. The last thing you want is to be surprised with a failed inspection!


Here is a list of functions and systems that will be inspected:

  • Seat belts – You have to have a seatbelt for every seat in the car and they all must work correctly!
  • Air Bag Warning Lamp – Your technician will check that the lamp is working properly or not. You will be informed if it’s not but this is not a cause for rejection. It’s done as a courtesy.
  • Horn – Your horn is checked to make sure it’s working properly and is mounted correctly.
  • Mirrors – Your mirrors can’t have any cracks, breaks or discoloration.
  • Brakes – One front wheel will be removed so the brakes can be inspected. Everything from brake pedal, your brake pad and equalization will be checked.
  • Lights – The follow lights will be inspected:
    • Headlamps
    • Tail lamps
    • Stop lamps
    • Directional signals
    • Back up lights
    • License plate lights
    • Hazard/flashers
    • Directional signal indicator
    • Windshield – Wipers and blades will be checked
  • Tires – Your technician will check tread depth, tire condition and tire pressure on all of your tires except the spare.
  • Steering, Chassis, Suspension, Front End – This is to check that your steering, shocks, power steering and frames are working properly.
  • Emissions Inspection – This is to ensure that the vehicle’s emissions control device are present and working, such as the gas cap, for example.

While it might be a pain, state inspections are done for your safety and the safety of other drivers and passengers on the road. Keep your inspections up to date and bring you car in to TLC for all your inspection needs!