Why Your Car is Worth Keeping

Next to a house, a new vehicle is the second most expensive investment for the majority of people. Instead of going out and buying a new car every few years, hang on to your vehicle in order to save money and increase financial assets. With proper maintenance, it’s very common and inexpensive to get 150,000 miles from a vehicle, if not more.

The Car Care Council estimates that $60 billion in vehicle maintenance or repair is not performed every year. This indicates that consumers should be doing more in order to protect their automotive investment. Rich White, Executive Director of the Car Care Council, stated “Whether it’s an oil change, replacing brakes or new belts and hoses, that periodic repair bill is a drop in the bucket compared to monthly payments on a car. The bottom line is that a properly maintained vehicle is safe, more dependable, more fuel efficient, less polluting and more valuable.”

Taking your vehicle to a reliable auto repair shop in Plainview is the first step towards extending the life of your vehicle and getting the most out of your money. Figures from Runzheimer International, a management-consulting firm that measures travel and living costs, confirms the Car Care Council’s claims. Recent figures from a Runzheimer study shows that you can save over $2450 per year by trading your vehicle every eight years, as opposed to every four. That includes repairs, maintenance, license, registration, taxes, and insurance.

Here is a list of tasks that can keep you on the road and save you money in the long run:

–Wash the car once every other week and/or as often as it snows.

–Repair all issues as soon as they occur; never let anything go unattended

–Don’t wait for things to break before you address them! Preventative maintenance is much less expensive than repairing and replacing parts.

–Check all your own fluids under the hood whenever you get gasoline!

–Keep gas tank over ½ full at all times!

–Change filters and fluids frequently.

–Pay it off as soon as you can!

So, are you shopping for a new car? Would you like to make car payments for the rest of your life? Stop and think about how much money you could save by holding out a few more years and sticking with your current vehicle.

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