Your Options For Tesla Service & Maintenance

Your Options For Tesla Service & Maintenance

You own a Tesla and you love it, but what do you do if it needs to be serviced? Instead of sending your car to a Tesla service facility, you should bring it down to TLC Auto & Truck Center. There are many reasons why you should do this, and the top ones include:

No Waiting Around

If you were to send your Tesla to one of their service centers, then you’ll be likely be waiting a long time, generally speaking, you’ll be waiting a good two months just to get an appointment and then the car needs to be inspected, repaired and then returned. The entire process from start to finish can be daunting due to the waiting period alone.

Thankfully, you can just contact our team at TLC Auto & Truck Center. and we’ll get you in for an appointment right away and work quickly and efficiently to determine what the problem is and provide you with recommendations to take care of it. You’ll receive your Tesla back before you know it.

Better Service

You’ll also receive overall better service because the team at TLC Auto & Truck Center is just a quick phone call away from answering any questions you have about your Tesla issue. The team is friendly and attentive, and we’re happy to take customer satisfaction seriously.

The Perks

Tesla service centers do not give their customers any major perks, but this isn’t the case when you do business here. You’ll receive both free pickup and drop-off service, but not only that, on most of the repairs we do, we include a lifetime warranty. This means you have peace of mind knowing your Tesla is in good hands and will receive nothing but the best service possible for years to come.

When it comes to getting your Tesla serviced, you want to choose TLC Auto & Truck Center instead of waiting to send your Tesla to a Tesla service center. TLC Auto & Truck Center offers better service, better pricing and various perks.

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