Your Winter Checklist: Lights

winter check list

As we move into the winter months, we’re going to be updating our blog with different systems and components you need to check in your car to make sure it’s running properly for the winter season!

During the winter season, we have less daylight hours so you want to ensure your lights are in working condition and ready to go.

Check all of your interior and exterior lights, including indicators and turn signals are working properly. Additionally, check your full beam headlights and fog lights to make sure the bulbs work properly. Be sure to check for any external cracks or blow bulbs. If any of your bulbs are burned out, replace them immediately.

Also, it’s important your lights are clean. Road grim, snow and dirt can accumulate on your lights preventing full visibility. To prevent scratching, make sure you do not use a dry rag, instead use a slight damp rag. You can also wax your lights to squeeze out as much light as you can of your lights.

If your lights are not working properly, even when bulbs are replaced, bring your car into your local mechanic to ensure there are no wiring problems and that your lights will work properly this winter season.