Kingpin Repair and Replacement

Kingpin Repair/ Replacement

Got a damaged king pin in your truck? Then you need a king pin repair! This service will help you restore the king pin in its proper shape and will also help restore the good condition of your suspension and steering systems. At TLC Auto & Truck Center, we offer a complete range of king pin replacement, king pin servicing, and king pin repair services.


Kingpin Repair

Failure of the king pin means that the steering system will not work properly, and improperly working steering systems can be dangerous. To avoid accidents arising from turning problems make sure your truck’s king pin is regularly checked and serviced.

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Loose kingpins can cause steering difficulties and excess tire wear that can increase your operating cost. Too often, the traditional rebuilt kingpin lasts only half as long. When a technician rebuilds your kingpin, he should also examine the knuckle eyes for wear. Simply replacing the kingpin set overlooks worn knuckle eyes that give the kingpin just enough play to erode the holes faster than normal. A trained specialist can in-line bore and sleeve knuckle holes for a precise fit and give your kingpin set a full life.


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Checking the condition of your king pins regularly is important to the safety of your entire rig as well as other drivers on the road. If your king pin is worn out, the stability of your entire vehicle is compromised. If your kingpin is so worn out that repair is not an option, you many choose to replace the entire piece. Give us a call today to schedule an accurate king pin repair or replacement.