Electrical Wiring Lighting

Trailer Electrical Wiring & Lighting

So many wires . . . So many colors . . . And, so many kinds of trailer wiring connectors. Yikes! Where do I start? I need a trailer wiring diagram. And, a little more information to make sure I get it right!

Don’t make the mistake of trying to think you can do it all yourself – your trailer’s electrical seem may seem simple but there’s a lot to making sure that it’s fully operational and safe for you and other drivers on the road.


Trailer Wiring

There are several standards for trailer wires, and if you search, you’ll find a different Trailer Wiring Diagram for each. Each standard has it’s different purpose, so please don’t just make it up as you go. Don’t make a weird wired trailer. Follow these guidelines and make it right!

Trailer Lighting Requirements

When you’re out on the road pulling your trailer, you want to be as safe as possible. One important component of towing safety is visibility – making sure other drivers can see your trailer, and lighting plays a big role in visibility. So, whether you’re replacing a single light bulb or lens cover, or you’re adding a complete set of lights to a homemade trailer, you want to get the right part for the job. TLC will make sure your trailers lighting systems are up to spec and safe for use on the road.


Trailer Lighting and Electrical Systems

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There’s a lot more that goes into trailer wiring and lighting than meets the eye – don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not that serious and then finding yourself in a bad situation – call our service advisors now and we’ll help you handle your concerns in the simplest and most effective manner possible.