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Truck Electrical Repair – Lighting & Wiring

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We’ve come a long way from carriage rides pulled by horses to vehicles that offer maximum comfort and optimal performance to the driver and passengers.

None of this will be possible without the proper functioning of the car or truck’s electrical system.

This typically includes the battery, the starter, and the alternator. Other components are the power glasses, the headlights, the windshield wipers, and more.

They are all controlled and powered by electricity to make driving easier and more convenient. All you have to do is ensure these systems are adequately maintained or serviced and repaired when necessary.

TLC Auto and Truck Repair technicians are experts in automobile electrical repair and services. For your auto and truck electrical repair, both in electrical wiring and lighting repair, you can count on us for efficient services.

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Parts of a Vehicle's Electrical System

The basic parts of an automobile electrical system include the battery, the starter, and the alternator.

1. The Battery

This is the power source for all other electrical systems of the vehicle. It supplies power to the starter and ignition, and without these systems coming on, you can hardly control any other parts of the vehicle.

2. The Starter

Just as the name implies, this starts the vehicle. Literally. It’s the electric motor that cranks your engine so your car or truck can start.

3. The Alternator

Think of this as your vehicle’s electrical charger. To keep your battery-powered, the alternator must be in good working condition.

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What you need to know about the electrical system of your truck

The electrical system directs energy to all parts of the truck that require electricity to work. It’s essentially wires and circuitry running to the appropriate terminals, much like the wiring in your home.

While each electrical wiring has a specific function, they’re also interconnected and they all play important roles, some more than others.

For instance, issues with the battery that powers your engine could successfully keep your truck grounded and unable to even start, let alone move.

Benefits of a Fully Functional Electrical System:

         ✔ The electrical wiring of a truck controls all digital and automated components of the truck in question, such as the headlights and LED display.

          ✔ Adequate maintenance of the electrical wiring and lighting of your automotive promotes the life and function of the engine.

          ✔ The lighting system of any truck is extremely important. Imagine driving at night without your headlights and tail lights. That’s a hazard to you and other drivers on the road.

          ✔ Other lighting systems of the truck such as the brake lights and turn signals are a must-have for optimal driving.

          ✔ It also ensures the battery is charged at all times.

Electrical Truck Repair & Wiring 1

Truck Electrical Repair

Electrical wiring/repair for trucks or semi-trucks is very important. For one, they carry a much heavier load than the average vehicle.

Take the semi-tractor-trailer truck that does some serious heavy-duty transport for instance. A short fuse here while making an important trip with precious cargo is certainly more than just a little annoying.

The same goes for boom trucks that often have a crane attached. The electrical system has a role to play in controlling the crane.

It starts with adequate maintenance practices for heavy vehicles. At TLC Auto and Truck Repair, we take this very seriously.

A few considerations we’ll make when it comes to truck and semi-truck electrical wiring/lighting repair includes the:

          ✔ Performance of the truck’s electrical system

          ✔ Load and draw of current by the system

          ✔ Voltage distribution

          ✔ Type of wiring used

          ✔ State of the connectors.

These can all be checked out by our technicians to ensure your truck’s electrical system is in top-notch conditions.

Electrical Truck Repair & Wiring 2

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For a truck’s electrical system to be in “top-notch” condition, the following are necessary:

          ✔ It has to provide an adequate and consistent voltage.

          ✔ It should be able to handle the full load current.

          ✔ There should be a decent reserve capacity of current.

          ✔ The truck’s electrical wiring should be protected by adequate electrical measures to prevent issues such as burning wiring.

There’s more that should be in place, however, all you need is the right auto mechanic and you can rest assured of having zero electrical issues here.

It’s also pertinent to find one that can handle your truck’s electrical repair in the event of an electrical issue.

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Signs of Electrical System Failure

While these might not be signs of total failure, they could be signs that your electrical system is on the brink of failing.

These include:

  • Flickering vehicle lights
  • Uneven lighting
  • Issues starting the truck
  • Failure of the truck to move
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Uncharged truck battery
  • The smell of burning
  • Wiring insulation
  • Blown fuses.

These are just a few issues that could fester and lead to worse problems. For instance, a blown tube or a general short circuit could stop your auto glass from responding to the push of the button. But it could just as well be worse by affecting the function of the engine.

The source of the issue could be as obvious as a wire cut into two or the signature smell of burning wire.

Also, it could be other signs such as the wrong lights coming on at the wrong time. This one suggests some type of misfiring or short circuit.

It could also be some hidden issue that can only be found by an expert with the right tools and knowledge.

Fortunately, truck electrical wirings can easily be repaired by our technicians.

With over 30 years of experience servicing all types of vehicles including semi-trucks, boom trucks, and lots more, we’ve seen just about any type of electrical issue you could think of. We know all the unusual presentations and the best ways to tackle them.

Go ahead and reach out to us at TLC Auto and Truck Repair or call (631) 201-5755 for more information.

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