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Fender Repair and Replacement

Fender Repair & Replacement

Try as you might, it’s difficult to avoid an occasional dent in your fender. Whether it’s from a minor fender bender or a more severe accident, dents sometimes happen. If you have a dented fender, you may be wondering whether you should replace or repair it, whatever your choice, TLC has you covered.


Trailer Fender Repair

For less serious dents, it’s often possible to fix the damage. Bring your trailer by for one of our experienced technicians to take a look at and we’ll advise you of the proper way to restore it back to it’s proper condition.  Trailer fenders don’t just look good, they actually serve a very useful purpose of protecting the trailer and other vehicles from debris being kicked up by the tires. 

Replacement Fenders

It’s usually better to replace the fender for more severe dents. If the damage to the fender is more than superficial or the vehicle’s structure is damaged in some way, then replacement is a better option. In some cases, repair for a dented fender may take longer than simply replacing the damaged part so it just makes more sense.


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If you’re looking for somewhere to go to have your trailer’s fenders repaired or replaced, you’ve come to the right spot.  Call us today or use the live chat option to schedule an appointment for a trailer service and we’ll see you soon!

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