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Fender Repair and Replacement

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Trailer Fender Repair and Replacement

A trailer fender is a rather useful part of your trailer or boat. It protects your trailer or boat from debris and also protects other drivers on the road.

However, they often raise a bit of a controversy with some drivers wondering whether they’re necessary.

Controversial or not, at TLC’s Auto and Truck Repair, we’ve got the 411 on all things trailer fenders and boat trailer fenders.

If you’re a trailer owner, read on for useful information on your trailer fenders as well as their repair and replacement.

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Why is a Trailer Fender important?

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Think about it, a trailer without a fender would certainly sling debris or even dirty rainwater along, potentially obscuring the vision of other drivers.

Add the typical highway speeds to the mix and you would have a rather bad situation on your hands.

Besides, most States require trailers to have fenders attached.

Ultimately, we’d say trailer fenders and boar trailer fenders are necessary parts of a trailer or boar.

On that note, trailer fenders repairs or replacement and wheel fender repairs are indicated for any issues on these parts of an automobile.

Trailer Fender Issues

Trailer fenders are generally meant to protect your trailer from various objects on the road. Sadly, there’s only so much they can take before the fenders become worn out and possibly damaged.

Other than that which happens over time, several other issues could crop up with your trailer or boat fender.

These include:

  • Occasional dents in your fender from various objects or an accident.
  • Trailer fender rubbing on the boat.
  • Bent boat trailer fenders.
  • Cracked fender brackets.
  • A tire blowout that could take out a good chunk of the fender bracket.
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Why issues with a trailer fender must not be ignored?

At first, the occasional dent or worn fender may not seem like too much of an issue. But it could denigrate into a serious one in a short while.

For instance, a cracked fender bracket can result in vibrations that could shake several bolts loose.

It gets worse because the nuts will vibrate out and swing on the bolts. A little heavy braking and you could damage your tires. Imagine a fender resulting in tire damage. That’s extra expenses and work for you.

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Boat Trailer Fender Problems

This is similar to typical trailer fender issues. When a boat trailer fender gets bent, it becomes rather useless because the bent fender is simply unable to stabilize the trailer.

If you back into something, the boat will likely shift on the trailer since there’s nothing to hold it in place.

Trailer Fender Repair and Replacement Services

It might take some time or some bad luck on your side before an issue with your fender leads to a blown tire or such.

Still, a cracked or dented fender doesn’t do a very good job of “fending” for your trailer. Besides, it’s not a great look.

A common issue here is figuring out when to repair the fender or when it’s beyond repair. A trip to an auto repair expert is your best bet here.

At TLC Auto and Truck Repair, we’ve got trained experts that can check out your fender and figure out your best choice. Also, if you can’t get your trailer or boat to the shop, we can send experts over for the service.

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Trailer Fender Repairs

To get started repairing your trailer fender, a few things are key.

Our experts will likely examine it and note what material it’s made of. Typically, trailer fenders are made of either plastic, steel, or aluminum.

Next is the attachment of the bolts to the mounting brackets. This depends on the material of the fender. For instance, plastic fenders are either mounted on top or by the side.

For steel, it would likely be welded or bolted to the trailer. Then, we’ll check out fender accessories such as lights and how they are fixed.

Of course, measurements including length, width, and height must be made to get the complete picture.

A Look at the Typical Trailer Fender Repair Service

The points listed above are considerations our experts will make before getting into the actual repair process.

While a DIY is possible here, it’s complex enough that you’re better off opting for the services of professionals.

If the issue with your fender is a simple dent, then a replacement might not be necessary. Simply plugging with a body filler and smoothing with sandpaper should suffice.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple in practice.

It depends on several factors, especially the quality of the fender and the extent of the damage.

Also, our experts will perform a thorough check-up on the trailer. If the damaged fender caused any other damage to the trailer, we’ll be sure to tackle it.

Trailer Fender Replacement

This is often easier, although it might be a bit pricier depending on the manufacturer and material of your old fender.

It is often indicated for more severe dents. If the damage is severe or if it affected the trailer’s structure and integrity, then a replacement is a more practical option.

Our technicians are well trained to replace your fender according to the manufacturer’s standards.

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The entire process usually involves the following steps :

Step 1 – Removing the old fender

There are different methods a fender can be attached to a trailer. Most typically would be by bolts that are bolted to mounting brackets.

We’ll remove these bolts to take out the fender. We could try to save them but if they are rusted or damaged, a complete replacement of all the parts is advised.

However, a welded fender would require a bit more work. Fortunately, our technicians have got specialized tools and the knowledge to make this process a breeze.

Step 2 – Getting the trailer ready

This step ensures the trailer remains stable while work is ongoing. A wheel stop usually does the trick.

Also, we’ll take adequate time to note the points of installation or mounting and get these ready as well.

Step 3 – Mounting the Fender

Depending on the method that would be most suitable for your trailer, we’ll either use mounting holes, mounting brackets or welding to attach your fender to your trailer.

You don’t have to worry about any of the technical aspects of this process. If you’ve got issues with your trailer fender or boat trailer fender, all you have to do is reach out to us at TLC Auto and Truck Repair.

We repair everything – from trailer or wheel fender repairs and replacements to boat trailer fender repairs.

With 30 years of experience in the business, you can rely on us to carry out all your auto repair services so you can drive off without a hitch.

You can contact us at TLC Auto and Truck Repair or call (631) 201-5755 for more information.

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