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Tongue Jack Repairs

Tongue Jack Repairs

Many trailers have a jack attached to the tongue that is used to lower and raise the trailer hitch onto the vehicle’s hitch receiver. This jack is often overlooked, and may sit unused for weeks and even months at a time. Over the years, the jack’s internal lubrication loses effectiveness. The jack becomes stiffer until it finally seizes up completely. At this point, you’ll have to take the jack apart and repair it.

Properly maintaining your tongue jack is a critical step in trailer maintenance that you need to pay attention to. If you’ve got a tongue jack that isn’t functioning properly or worse, not functioning at all, our team has the skills needed to repair or replace your tongue jack and get you and your trailer back on the road in no time.

From manual crank tongue jacks up to fully electric ones, we’ve got plenty of options to outfit your trailer with the tongue jack you need to make hooking up or disconnecting your trailer from your vehicle easy and convenient and keep it safe when it’s being stored unused.


Tongue Jack Repairs

Electric Tongue Jacks

Rather than putting in the time and effort into repairing an old crank jack, some people choose to upgrade to an electric tongue jack. Using a manual crank jack isn’t necessarily hard, but it does get annoying when trying to level the trailer. With an electric jack, you can now hitch or unhitch your trailer without breaking a sweat. Speak with one of our experienced trailer repair service advisors today and we’ll be happy to help advise you on outfitting your trailer with the proper tongue jack for your needs!

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