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crane repair & maintenance

Crane Service, Repair and Maintenance

Have you lost operating income because your crane broke down?

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

You will need a professional technician to fix the machine or service it for optimal functioning. The sooner you get back to work, the lesser the losses and missed opportunities.

Maybe some parts are old and worn out and require replacement. Or perhaps others broke down, and you might need to repair them.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of maintenance to get your crane back to its old self. But whatever the issue, it’s probably going to give you a headache.

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How Crane Failure Affects Your Business

Crane Failure Affects Your Business

Breakdown of your crane means work will not continue as expected. Additionally, if you have not serviced it for a long time, it might not work as optimally as it should.

This, in turn, causes several problems such as:

Loss of Business Opportunities

Taking up a job with a crane with mechanical issues or won’t totally work means you’ll end up not delivering or take more time.

You might have to let the opportunity go as you watch and probably lose the client. It’s even worse if the work is delayed and the client thinks you’re incompetent. You don’t want your clients jumping ships to your competitors.

Losing Operating Income

If you forgo the business opportunity, it means you’ll have lost the income you’d have earned. The amount can be significant, especially if you run a company that operates a fleet of cranes.

Even if you operate one, a breakdown is not worth the accumulating losses you’ll make if you don’t repair it early enough.

Affects Smooth Running of Operations

The downtime of one or more cranes means certain operations will be slowed down. Think of backlog work, taking a long time to finish a job with a crane that’s not in its best shape, and worst of all, halting operations altogether.

The success of your business depends on how efficient it runs, and equipment failure causes inefficiency.

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What can I say.. these guys are the best in the diesel truck repair business that I've found. I own several Ram Diesel Tow Trucks and they have kept us running without fail and for a very fair price. Thanks guys, you'll always be my 'go-to' for my trucks!

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How Do You Solve These Problems?

Before all these problems weigh you down, you can solve the root cause. Here’s how.

  • Regular Inspection: This allows the inspectors to discover any underlying problems with the crane, like worn-out parts. You can then schedule repair during off-peak hours of your business, so it doesn’t affect your everyday operations.
  • Maintenance: A regular maintenance program for the crane is crucial to keep it in perfect condition. A detailed maintenance assessment not only helps you curb unforeseen failures but also ensures the machine remains in optimal working condition.
  • Repair: If your equipment has already broken down, no need to worry. A repair by a professional technician can fix the issues, and soon you’ll be back to business.

    You don’t have to wait for several cranes to break down so that you can repair them. The earlier the repair is done, the more it will save you from losses and missed opportunities.

If you run a crane company, chances are you require repairs often. Go for a repair company that offers fleet repair for crane companies. Some may offer discounted rates and are experienced in working with a fleet of cranes.

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How the Service Benefits You?

No More Downtime

You won’t have to worry about downtime. Normal operations can resume without interruptions caused by breakdowns.

This means you will complete more work as the equipment will be working perfectly. Additionally, it will be easier working with functioning cranes.

Increased Efficiency

We all know faulty machines and efficiency can never go together. They will drag you behind schedule, make working with them seem like rocket science, and sometimes even feel like you chose the wrong career.

A repair does the trick.

From working faster to consuming less energy and delivering high-quality services, regularly maintaining and repairing your cranes will improve their overall efficiency.

Increased Operational Income

Well-functioning cranes will take less time to complete a task compared to faulty ones. You can then use the remaining time to work on more projects which increases your overall income.

The efficiency of your machines is directly proportional to how much income you earn from working with them. Additionally, you won’t spend more money on temporary fixes that won’t solve the root problem.

More Business Opportunities

Everyone loves working with a business that will deliver exceptional quality work on time. With one happy client comes several referrals, and before you know it, clients are flooding your way.

Isn’t that your dream? The trick is keeping your cranes well maintained and if they happen to break down – as they all do sometimes – repairing them is a wise move.

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Where to Find Reputable Crane Repair Shop

Where do you find excellent crane maintenance and repair services? At TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center

We’re your go-to crane repair shop that ensures your crane gets back to its normal working condition and that you never miss out on any opportunities.

We’re a family-owned and operated repair shop that’s well-known for their honesty and excellent customer service. Their technicians are fully insured and ASE certified, so you can be sure your crane will be handled by a professional.

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...No tricks, just good honest mechanics. They only use quality parts, not after market products that just don’t perform and last like the OEM ones. You get what you pay for in auto parts. They have very competitive pricing and being as meticulous as I am, they gave my truck back in the same neat and clean condition in which I gave it to them. No greasy hand prints on the trunk, hood, door handles or steering wheel. I got to see some of their upgrade work on several 4x4 trucks and they produce some sharp looking vehicles. I have absolutely no issue with recommending them. Nice work TLC Auto and Truck !

Kevin van Pelt

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30 Years Of Experience

We’ve been reliably repairing trucks for almost 30 years.

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