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The Jeep brand of automobiles is an American brand through-and-through. Regardless, it has grown to become a worldwide brand with units found in almost every country in the world.

The product range consists of SUVs that are roadworthy and battle-ready. Originally, they were more suited to go off the beaten path, and while that remains true, they are diverse enough now that you could use them for much “softer”, mainstream purposes.

This is all thanks to a winning combination of both sleek and strong features.

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Jeep Auto Services

Jeep has sold millions of units all over the world, most of which we service and repair at TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center.

From the Jeep Patriot and Jeep Grand Cherokee to the compact Wrangler and more, if you’ve got a Jeep, we’re your guys.

Most Jeep owners are extremely grateful for the excellent off-roading prowess of these SUVs. But the only way to truly enjoy a Jeep is with adequate Jeep maintenance and professional repairs.

You obviously can’t expect the auto repair needs of a Wrangler to be the same as that of a mini Cooper.

While most vehicles have certain similarities, each brand also has something that makes them worlds apart from the other.

Fortunately, with Jeeps, we know the ropes so be it the tires, wheel alignment, engine, battery, or even Jeep frame repairs, we’ve got you covered.

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Jeep Maintenance Services

While our Jeep repair services are professional and top-notch, we still advocate for regular maintenance services.

It’s a far better practice than waiting until your Jeep is in the worst possible condition to take it in for repairs.

At TLC, we’ve got ASE-Certified technicians and over 30 years of experience under our belts. All this experience has come in handy because we know just how to service your Jeep optimally.

With Jeeps, a few services are routine and you may need to add them to your maintenance checklist if you want to enjoy any of the off-roading characteristics Jeep is so well-known for.

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What can I say.. these guys are the best in the diesel truck repair business that I've found. I own several Ram Diesel Tow Trucks and they have kept us running without fail and for a very fair price. Thanks guys, you'll always be my 'go-to' for my trucks!

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These services include:    

Oil change

Radiator flush

Air filter replacement

Air conditioning recharge and other services

Wheel/tire alignment

Brake inspection and services

Transmission service

Exhaust service

Timing belt replacement

Factory services

Common Jeep Auto Repair Services

The services listed above are some of the basic preventative maintenance services we can render for your Jeep.

However, the longer you use your SUV, it’s more likely a few parts are going to get worn out and potentially become damaged. The point is that auto repairs are inevitable.

Over the years, we’ve encountered lots of Jeep owners visit our Jeep auto repair shop with different complaints.

Our Jeep mechanics have successfully repaired these problems. Which us, your Jeep is in good hands.

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Below are some of the top Jeep repair problems we’ve seen:

1. Suspension Issues

Jeeps often have suspension issues, but it seems the Wrangler is plagued by them. This is known as the Death Wobble (or Speed Wobble) and is a rapid oscillating in the steering components that result in a wobbling steering wheel.

Unlike the vibration from unaligned wheels, this is a much harsher shaking force.

Lose or damaged steering components or even incorrectly installed suspension parts are the common causes of the death wobble.

If this happens to you, just pull over and figure out your next step. At TLC, we offer free pick-up and drop-off services, so you can put a call across to us and we’ll be over to help you.

It’s best to let a Jeep mechanic figure out the exact cause of this issue and repair it. The main thing to do here is to keep your steering and suspension from getting loose.

However, if they’re worn out, this can also happen. You might need the help of a Jeep mechanic to tighten these components and also check that the Jeep is properly aligned.

2. Electrical Issues

Jeep owners often have electrical issues with their vehicles, such as the warning light, instrument gauges, parking lights, and such going a little ‘wonky’.

Of worthy mention is the 2019 Jeep Cherokee which has quite a bit of electrical problems.

With this model, sometimes, the Uconnect system will become unresponsive or the cluster lights would all turn off at once.

There’s also the dangerous issue of the cruise control accelerating when drivers are going downhill.

With Jeeps, especially the Grand Cherokee, basic knowledge of electricity or tightening a few wires can only get you so far.

Adequate troubleshooting requires the use of a voltmeter with an ohm scale.

At TLC, we use that and any other necessary equipment to figure out what is causing the electrical issues and fix them. From the brake lights to the check engine light and more, leave it for us to handle.

3. Engine Issues

Engine problems constitute a small percentage of complaints among Jeep owners. However, the engine is such an important part of the vehicle that we have to discuss this complaint.

A common one is that the engine stalls or shuts down when driving the 2011 Grand Cherokee. There’s also the case of engine failure and possible engine fires.

The latter is often due to the Jeep EcoDiesel EGR coolers cracking and allowing the leak of coolants.

Don’t be alarmed. Most of the 4th generation Grand Cherokees with this issue are being recalled.

Most engine problems with Jeep stems from a lack of adequate maintenance. A good way to combat these would be to read your owner’s manual and note all the specific maintenance efforts required of the Jeep engines.

Jeep auto service

A couple of tips to help you out include the following:

Warm the vehicle for a few minutes before using it.

Change the oil filter periodically.

Use high-quality oil and fuel

Check that the cooling system is functioning optimally.

Watch out for the check engine light and, well, check the engine when it comes on.

While it’s important to do your best, also know when to leave it to the Jeep mechanics. At TLC, we’ll examine your Jeep engine thoroughly.

If it’s a case of replacing small or large engine components that are damaged, we’ll go ahead and do that with the best parts available. Any other issues such as Jeep diesel repairs will also be handled by us.

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You must have heard people say “It’s a Jeep thing”, maybe you’ve even said that at some point. At TLC, if it’s a Jeep thing, then it’s our thing.

We’ve only mentioned a few possible issues in this work but each make or model can have a couple of ‘quirks’.

Whatever the case may be, from Jeep frame repairs to engine issues, just do your best to be proactive. Keep your eye on your Jeep and perform regular preventative maintenance services on it.

If you notice anything off with your Jeep, let us take a look at it and find a permanent fix. Reach out to us at TLC Auto and Truck Repair or call (631) 201-5755 for more information.


No second vehicle? No worries. We’ve got your back.

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...No tricks, just good honest mechanics. They only use quality parts, not after market products that just don’t perform and last like the OEM ones. You get what you pay for in auto parts. They have very competitive pricing and being as meticulous as I am, they gave my truck back in the same neat and clean condition in which I gave it to them. No greasy hand prints on the trunk, hood, door handles or steering wheel. I got to see some of their upgrade work on several 4x4 trucks and they produce some sharp looking vehicles. I have absolutely no issue with recommending them. Nice work TLC Auto and Truck !

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30 Years Of Experience

We’ve been reliably repairing trucks for almost 30 years.

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