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Air Filter Replacement

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Air Filter Replacement
Car Air Filter Replacement

Air Filter Replacement

What’s so important about a vehicle’s air filter?

Your vehicle’s intake system is the section that catches the unfiltered air and debris and allows clean air to flow throughout the vehicle. Not only do you need filtered air to breathe in the vehicle, but so do other parts.


In order for your engine, and other parts, to function properly, it needs clean air without any debris or contamination. If your air filter becomes full, it won’t be able to properly filter out foreign matter from reaching your engine. 


Air filters are inexpensive compared to other parts, and should be changed regularly.

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Are you in need of an auto air filter replacement?

A few warning signs include:

  • Filter Looks Dirty: If you notice that the filter has turned from white to brown or black, it is time to have your air filter replaced. 

  • Check Engine Light Comes On: If the air filter is left unchecked for some time, your check engine light might come on. This can be a result of debris getting past the filter because the filter is already full. 

  • Fuel Efficiency Decreases: With a clogged air filter, the engine cannot breathe properly. So, you may notice that your vehicle isn’t as fuel efficient as it once was. 

  • Engine Struggles to Start: Along with fuel inefficiency, your engine may also struggle to start up normally. This can also be a result of the lack of proper air flow. 

  • Horsepower Decreases: Lack of air flow due to a clogged air filter can result in the drop in horsepower. This is because the lack of oxygen is a result of contamination. 

  • Abnormal Engine Sounds: You might also hear your engine start to make noises, aside from it’s normal hum. In this case, an engine may start to vibrate, hiccup, or cough as a result of a clogged air filter. 


  • Black Smoke: Due to failing fuel efficiency, your vehicle might begin to produce black smoke from the exhaust pipe. This is due to the engine being unable to burn the fuel off effectively.

Why does it matter?

Having your air filter replaced regularly is one necessary way to keep your vehicle functioning properly. 


Changing your air filter allows your engine to breathe properly, which can help to put an end to the strange noises and vibrations the engine makes. A new air filter will also put an end to the black smoke, and return your fuel efficiency


A new air filter can also prevent further, potential damage to your engine and other parts that a filthy, worn air filter can cause. 

Automotive Replacement Air Filter
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The benefits of air filter replacements

Improves Comfort

Replacing your air filter will restore the air flow in your vehicle, allowing your engine to breathe. This will stop the strange noises and allow you and passengers to also breathe comfortably.

Saves Money

Having a regular air filter replacement prevents further damage benign sustained to your engine and other system parts. You will also spend less on gas, as your fuel efficiency returns to normal.

Keeps Vehicle Running

By having an air filter replacement, your vehicle will not only return to functioning normally, but restore it’s lifespan. A clogged air filter can cause a number of expensive repairs, which might cause you to give up the vehicle in time, so a replacement stops this scenario from occurring.

change filthy air filter

Having an air filter replacement is important for a number of reasons, including the prevention of damage to connected parts, such as your emissions control system. If you’ve been driving with a filthy air filter for a while, when you have it replaced, ask to have your emissions control system inspected


It’s also a good idea to have the mechanic inspect your engine and clean the air intake system after the air filter replacement, to catch any early or potential damage. These extra steps can keep you safe and lengthen your vehicle’s lifespan


Your vehicle’s air filter also has an estimated lifespan before it needs replacing. This lifespan varies depending on your make and model. On average, a vehicle’s air filter should be replaced every two years, or every 24,000 miles.

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Air Filter

Why auto air filter replacement is important

In need of an air filter replacement, or looking to have a sub-service done? Call TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center! We are a family-owned auto shop, operating since 1991, who offers quality service on Long Island, New York. 


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Frequently asked questions

How much does an air filter replacement cost?

An air filter replacement is a simple job and on average costs between $50 and $70. Having an air filter changed is a routine maintenance job, so it’s relatively inexpensive to have done for you. Be aware that some makes and models might cost more, so be sure to ask your mechanic for an estimate.

How long does an air filter replacement take?

The average air filter replacement takes about 20 minutes to complete. In the case that you’ve been driving with a clogged filter for a while, the mechanic may want to spend additional time examining your vehicle for any signs of damage. Or you can request to have this done, to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of.


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