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Fleet Repair and Maintenance

Serving Long Island since 1991. Give us a call, we’re happy to assist you.

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Fleet Maintenance & Repair

Why you need an fleet maintenance & repair service

Most people can relate to the stress of buying and maintaining one vehicle. Now, imagine having a garage full of vehicles. Some of which are heavy-duty.


As you may already know, mechanics are your vehicle’s best friends. Most fleets are owned by a business or government so any breakdown can mean a loss of cash in real-time. You wouldn’t want to risk losing valuable time and customers. If your fleet is for leasing, you have a much bigger worry.


In this context, a stitch in time saves more than nine. In the case of an actual breakdown, your fleet will benefit from prompt and great repair. If this is done seamlessly, you are saved a lot of unnecessary hassle.


Wondering where you can get this done?

Read right on!

TLCs Reputation

TLC Auto & Truck has been around since 1991, so we’ve had thirty years to build our reputation. Our customers love us because we’re experienced, quality oriented, honest, and reliable. You will too.

fleet management companies we work with

We are well-equipped for fleet repair and maintenance. We currently work with fleet management companies: Element, ARI, LeasePlan, Ge Capital.

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A fleet...what exactly is it? Does your collection qualify as a fleet?

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commercial or rental

A fleet refers to a bunch of vehicles for either commercial or rental use or vehicle from the government.


A collection of vehicles with a common owner.

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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet vehicles also include vehicles operated by car rental companies, public utilities, public bus companies, and police departments.


You could also hire a fleet to help your business run smoothly.

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fleet vehicles

Your favorite taxi companies, vehicle rentals, and transport companies all own fleets. Take-home vehicles, car-sharing, federal vehicles qualify as fleet vehicles.


What Our Customers Are Saying


Give us a call, we are happy to assist you.


fleet repair maintenance


We are well-equipped for fleet repair and maintenance. We currently work with fleet management companies: Element, ARI, LeasePlan, Ge Capital.

Free pick up and drop off


No second vehicle? No worries. we’ve got your back, we’ll pick you up and drop you off for free!

*within 10 miles

30 years of experience


We’ve been reliably repairing cars, trucks, trailers, and RV’s for almost 30 years.

we repair everything


There are no gimmicks here. We tell you what needs to be fixed and get the job done.

genuine service


Authenticity is our brand. Bringing you complete and genuine service with a smile.

guaranteed repairs


Guaranteed (most) repairs for 24 months or 24K miles, giving you peace of mind.

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What are the problems a fleet can experience?

Fleet owners experience the same problems as single-car owners but on a much larger scale. From your fleet, a vehicle can breakdown, get into accidents, or even be stolen.


Of these, the most common problem experienced would be the breakdown. It’s honestly no fun for your passenger filled car to suddenly ‘take a break’ in the middle of the road. Issues range from the minor to the very serious ones.

Why Should You Maintain Your Fleet​:

Addressing fleet issues before they worsen

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of us wear overalls. We truck repairers are more than willing to find and fix the fault to keep your fleet in top shape. You should call us vehicle ‘fairies’ as soon as possible. It is often possible to address the issue right before it worsens.

How do you achieve top-notch Fleet maintenance?

With regards to the timing of maintenance, follow your vehicle manufacturer’s instructions but ultimately listen to your car…like you would a fussy baby. The unusual creaks or jolts of the vehicles should alert you.

Fleet maintenance providers abound. To be able to repair a truck, repair shops need to co-operate with fleet management companies. These companies handle quality checks and financing.

Technology has made life so much easier. With this, everything is accounted for. You wouldn’t forget birthdays or to bring your vehicles in for maintenance. There are many apps you can download to help you to track and assess each vehicle’s operations and fuel consumption.

They are invaluable in the maintenance and repair process. The drivers often know the fleet better than anyone else. Proper training is important. They should have an easy, fuss-free portal to alert you of any potential issues.

fleet repair and maintenance near me
fleet repair and maintenance


save time and money

What do you stand to gain?

  • Save time and money
  • Saves you cost you would have otherwise spent doing costly repairs. The longer you wait, the more money you may spend eventually
  • Saves your reputation with clients
  • Maintenance as a side attraction


This would be a great time to get some maintenance done. A breakdown will not be so bad after all. Your vehicle may finally get the much-needed attention.

Best shape

Fleet maintenance refers to regular often scheduled checks aimed at detecting minor issues, replacing worn-out parts, and generally ensuring that your vehicles are in the best shape.


What can be done for maintenance?

…oil changes, wheel alignments, tire inspection, and pumping.

Keep in mind

Businesses cost a lot to maintain; from rents to taxes to staff salaries. Do not add the cost of fixing a vehicle or worse still, replacing one. Maintenance is ultimately a cheaper option.

The vehicle engine is likely to consume more fuel if it is in bad shape. Wear and tear are also increased. If you ever have to reduce your fleet size by letting go of some vehicles, a well-maintained vehicle is easier to sell, and for a much higher value.

Spoilt for Choice?

Like your kids, you’ll be glad if your vehicles aced the compulsory vehicle exams. This saves you unnecessary stress of fines. It’s usually a brilliant idea to go for homey, receptive automobile services. It’s often easier to build much-needed rapport.

How great would it be to have your automobile repair protect your interests! Find a team that is patient, receptive to your concerns, and knows the job well.

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Fleet Service

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TLC Auto and Truck Repair and Service Center handles all sorts of things. We are well-equipped for fleet repair and maintenance of all kinds. We currently work with fleet management companies: Element, ARI, LeasePlan, Ge Capital.


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