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What's So Special About an Isuzu Vehicle?

Isuzu is well-known for its high-performing and reliable vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles, sports cars, concept cars, buses, etc. Undoubtedly, these vehicles have a long operational life, making them top picks among the public.


However, no vehicle in the world is safe from the usual wear and tear. It’s important to find a reputable Isuzu repair service in Farmingdale that you can rely on at any time.


A reliable Isuzu repair shop will diagnose and fix all your vehicle’s problems within no time. We have a team of experts in fixing Isuzu vehicles and making them as new as before!

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TLC Auto & Truck has been around since 1991, so we’ve had thirty years to build our reputation. Our customers love us because we’re experienced, quality oriented, honest, and reliable. You will too.

Isuzu Repair Service

Our Isuzu repair service deals with all the common and rare problems of your Isuzu vehicle. We have the expertise to make your vehicle function like new again, no matter how major or minor the problem is. From tune-ups to complete restoration, our Isuzu repair services have got your back.

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We are well-equipped for fleet repair and maintenance. We currently work with fleet management companies: Element, ARI, LeasePlan, Ge Capital.

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Common Signs Your Isuzu Vehicle Needs a Mechanic

Your Isuzu vehicle may show plenty of signs that indicate it needs a mechanic. With advanced technology and newer features, automobiles now themselves ask their owners for repairs. Therefore, you must notice these common signs and contact a professional Isuzu repair service like ours.

Pay attention to these things:

Making noises is usually the first sign of problems in a vehicle. You’ll hear grinding noise whenever your car’s transmission shifts, indicating that it’s running low on transmission fluid. You may also hear a howling or squealing noise when you use the brakes, representing worn-out brake pads. It’s important to get your car inspected at our Isuzu repair shop.
If you feel your vehicle is vibrating or shaking unusually and excessively, it’s time for an Isuzu repair. These vibrations could be in the gas pedal or steering wheel.
Your Isuzu’s dashboard indicator lights highlight any trouble with your vehicle to let you know about it. However, you may not be able to identify them on your own. But worry not; our experts have got you covered.
If you see smoke coming from any part of your car, know that it needs an immediate fix. Smoking can occur in the exhaust, mainly due to overheating.
Automotives use different fluid types to function and work fine. If you identify leaks in any part of your car, you need to rush to an Isuzu repair shop for an instant fix. Our experts will examine leaks of different fluids, including engine oil, brake fluid, gasoline, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc.

Common Isuzu Vehicle Malfunctions

Isuzu vehicles are durable, reliable, and high-functioning. Yet, they may develop specific problems over time due to usual wear and tear over time. Also, the components of automotive have specified lifespans. Therefore, your vehicle may show different malfunctions once they exceed a certain time limit.

Here are some common Isuzu vehicle malfunctions:

  • Sputtering Engine: Your car’s engine works well when the fuel and ignition system components work together. When the process gets affected, engine sputtering or misfiring takes place.


  • Poor Fuel Economy: The engine burns fuel at an optimal rate to run properly, improving fuel economy simultaneously. However, it’s natural for several fuel system components, like mass airflow, air filters, and oxygen sensors to wear out or become nonfunctional. So if you don’t get Isuzu repair services on time, the engine may consume more fuel.


  • Dead Battery: Every vehicle’s battery has a deadline. However, your car’s battery can die before its lifespan, mainly due to decreased electrical current that naturally reduces the battery’s ability to maintain a charge. Our Isuzu repair experts will identify a damaged alternator or problem in the charging component on time.


  • Flat Tires: Even if you don’t strike your vehicle with an object, its tire can become flat anyway. Regular appointments with our Isuzu repair experts will keep your tires properly rotated.


  • Alternator or Break Failure: The alternator keeps all your vehicle’s electrical systems running and maintains the battery condition. When the alternator or brakes fail, it causes the battery to fail eventually.
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The benefits of Isuzu Repair Service

Non-stop Performance

Once your vehicle gets restored by our professionals, you’ll see it running smoothly in no time.

Enhanced Fuel Economy

Our experts focus on enhancing your vehicle’s fuel economy so that it burns less fuel. Remember to bring your car for regular maintenance at our Isuzu repair shop to keep it up-to-date.

Improved Operations

With effective Isuzu repair services, your vehicle will perform all the operations at its best. It will give you the perfect cooling or heat according to the weather, help you enjoy your favorite tunes, and use all the modern features at their best.

Less Cost, More Comfort

We ensure that your auto repair service costs you the least. This is why our Isuzu repair services help you save money, so you can drive peacefully.

Preventing Common Problems to Improve Your Isuzu Vehicle’s Lifespan

Like any other company, Isuzu vehicles are also prone to damage and malfunction. Staying in touch with an Isuzu repair service is super-important as it identifies common issues in your vehicle on time.


This way, the professionals find the best solution for those issues to improve the vehicle’s lifespan. If you ignore common signs of damage in your Isuzu vehicle, such as overheating, unusual noises, or fluid leakage, they may make your car unfunctional in the long run.


Our expert mechanics detect and fix all major and minor Isuzu vehicle problems, so you can drive your gorgeous car with peace of mind.

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Isuzu Repair

Isuzu Repairs and More

At TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center, we offer a range of Isuzu repair services. If you’re facing problems with your Isuzu vehicle, bring it to our Isuzu repair Farmingdale shop and get a  24-month warranty.


We also provide free pickup/drop-off services for your Isuzu vehicles. Even if you’re not experiencing any problem with your car, it would be wise to bring it to our shop for regular inspection. This will help you prevent costly fixes in the future. So, contact us today to keep your Isuzu vehicle running at its best.


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