Oil Change

Oil Change Service

An oil change is a simple way to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly for thousands of miles. Manufacturers recommend oil change service on a regular basis, typically every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, based on driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle age. You’ll want the hands of the most capable automotive professionals to handle this basic yet important task. Those hands are ready to get to work for you at TLC Auto & Truck Center.

oil change

Why You Need Oil Changes

Do you want to get the most from your vehicle? The most power, the most fuel efficiency, and the most years of use? If so, you need regular oil changes at TLC Auto & Truck Center in Farmingdale, NY. We’ve been helping drivers get the most out of their vehicles since opening in 1991. Fluid service is the foundation of a healthy vehicle. It lubricates and protects the engine from overheating and damage. It protects components from built-up grime that slows down engine performance and leads to costly repairs. It sets your car up for success with every additional mile you travel, so when your car has 100,000 miles on the odometer, you know that it’s just as reliable as the day you got it. Oil changes are the best, easiest, and most affordable way to ensure your vehicle will run its best for many years. All you have to do is visit our trusted auto repair team for fast, simple, and easy service!


At the heart of your vehicle is the engine, roaring and pumping to get your vehicle moving. It works hard every time you start your car and relies on clean motor oil to run properly. TLC Auto & Truck Center provides oil changes for all makes and models to remove old, dirty oil and keep engines healthy. Without this essential service, your vehicle will undoubtedly experience major failures and breakdowns early in its lifespan. That means higher and more frequent repair costs!



Fast, Simple, Stress-Free Oil Changes

While it’s true that you can change your motor oil at home, we wouldn’t recommend it without the proper tools and knowledge. Hot motor oil can be extremely harmful if improperly handled and your vehicle may sustain damage from any mistakes you make. We don’t say that to discourage you from learning, but if dirt and grime aren’t your thing, TLC is here to provide fast and simple oil change service. Our ASE Certified technicians follow industry standards for high-quality service and safe disposal of used motor oil. We also know which kind of motor oil will be best for your individual vehicle to help it reach optimal performance and efficiency!