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Aerial Lift Inspection

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Aerial Lift Inspection
Required Aerial Lift Inspection

Importance of Aerial Lift Inspection

Why Regular Aerial Lift Inspections Are Crucial for Your Operations

Regular inspections of these lifts are critical; they not only ensure compliance with ANSI safety regulations but also prevent operational disruptions. Neglected inspections can lead to equipment malfunctions, posing risks to both workers and productivity. Keeping your aerial lifts in check is not just about meeting standards—it’s about maintaining the heartbeat of your daily operations.

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Once your aerial lift inspection is complete, our certified experts offer additional maintenance services to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance.

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Inspection Service

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Maintenance Service

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Aerial lift annual inspection
Inspection Aerial lift

Do your Aerial Lifts Meet ANSI Safety Standards?

Regular inspections are crucial to identify any potential issues with your aerial lift equipment before they lead to downtime or, worse, accidents. Recognizing the warning signs early can be the difference between a minor repair and a major operational halt.

Signs your Aerial Lift Needs Inspection:

  • Unusual Noises: Listen for any out-of-the-ordinary sounds during operation, which can signal mechanical issues.
  • Inconsistent Operation: If the lift is not performing smoothly or responding as it should, it’s time for a check-up.
  • Control Issues: Difficulty with maneuvering or unresponsive controls could indicate electrical or hydraulic problems.
  • Visible Wear or Damage: Inspect for any signs of damage or excessive wear on the lift structure or components.

These symptoms could point to underlying issues with the lift’s hydraulics, electrical systems, or structural components. 

Catching these early, with the help of our specialized inspection services, prevents bigger problems and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

How we can help

Ensuring your aerial lifts are compliant and safely operational is our top priority. After our expert inspection, you can expect your equipment to return to service quickly, typically by the next business day. This rapid turnaround not only reduces downtime but also secures the safety and productivity of your workforce.

Our inspections proactively address potential issues, allowing you to avoid unforeseen breakdowns and compliance infractions. Certification from our professionals means your lifts function reliably, without the disruption of unexpected faults.

Addressing even minor performance signs during an inspection can stop future issues in their tracks. Beyond resolving clear mechanical faults, we pinpoint and remedy less obvious problems like hydraulic leaks or electrical faults, ensuring seamless lift operation and preventing future complications.

Aerial Lift Inspections
ANSI Aerial Lift Inspection

What's the benefit of Aerial Lift Inspection Service

Reliable Performance

A thorough inspection leads to lifts that operate reliably, preventing unexpected downtime. After service, lifts function with precision, as any potential safety hazards have been addressed.


Regular inspections can identify issues early, leading to cost savings on repairs. Certified checks can extend the lifespan of your equipment, optimizing your investment.

Operational Confidence

With each lift passing rigorous inspection criteria, you gain confidence in your equipment’s performance, ensuring safety and efficiency in your operations.

Compliance Assurance

Our service confirms that your lifts meet all current ANSI regulatory standards, keeping your operations compliant and up to date.

Aerial Lift Safety Checks

Regular inspections of your aerial lift are crucial to maintaining the highest standards of safety and operation. Each lift has a specific maintenance schedule that must be adhered to for optimal performance and compliance.

By scheduling regular inspections, you can avoid the downtime that comes with unexpected issues. Our detailed process includes cleaning critical components and ensuring all parts are properly adjusted, which is essential for reliable lift function.

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Aerial Lift

When To schedule your inspection

Regular aerial lift inspections are crucial for maintaining operational safety and reliability. At our service center, we specialize in comprehensive inspections that keep your lifts compliant and your teams safe.

Don’t wait for performance issues to ground your operations. Contact us at (631) 201-5755 or visit us at 230 NY-109 in Farmingdale, NY to schedule a thorough aerial lift inspection today.


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How often do aerial lifts need to be inspected?

Aerial lifts should undergo inspection at least annually as per ANSI standards. However, for lifts in frequent use or operating under demanding conditions, more frequent checks may be necessary. Regular inspections are essential for ensuring compliance, identifying potential issues early, and maintaining optimal performance and safety.

What is included in an aerial lift inspection?

Our comprehensive aerial lift inspections cover all critical components, including mechanical systems, electrical wiring, hydraulic mechanisms, and structural integrity. We meticulously examine each part to ensure it meets safety and operational standards, providing you with a detailed assessment of your lift’s condition and any necessary recommendations for maintenance or repairs.

What if my aerial lift fails the inspection?

In the event that your aerial lift does not pass inspection, our team will provide you with a detailed report outlining the issues discovered and recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance. Addressing any identified issues promptly is crucial for ensuring the continued safe and efficient operation of your equipment and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

How can I prepare my lift for inspection?

To prepare your aerial lift for inspection, ensure that it is clean and accessible for our technicians. Reviewing your operation logs and reporting any anomalies or issues encountered during use can also provide valuable insights for our inspection process. Proper preparation helps streamline the inspection procedure and ensures that our team can conduct a thorough assessment of your lift’s condition.


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