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Need a Tractor Repair?

Here’s all you need to know about tractor repair and what the experts do.

Farm tractors are specially designed vehicles that offer you power and traction to mechanize agricultural tasks.

Their engines are operated by various fuels including gasoline, kerosene, diesel, biogas, or liquefied petroleum gas.

Like diamonds are for girls, tractors are a farmer’s best friend. You don’t even have to be a farmer to relate, your humble lawn tractor may be just as valuable. Lawn tractors are generally smaller and more compact but offer distinct advantages to their users.

No matter the size or scale, tractor breakdowns are distressing. They can lead to significant downtime in your farm work or an overgrown yard.

What to do when your big machine breaks down?

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What can go wrong with your tractor?

There’s a barrage of issues. Tractors have a complex design and problems may arise at different levels. Whether it’s a farm tractor or a lawn tractor tucked in your backyard, tractors can break down. They perform heavy-duty functions and of course, experience daily wear and tear.


This usually arises from a loose-fitting drawbar.

A faulty transmission system

Sometimes, your tractor just won’t turn on and remains unresponsive. This may be due to a fault in the transmission system. Also, transmission fluid may leak and and cause levels drop significantly.

Tractor repair

Weak performance

Tractors are famed to move slowly and do a lot. However, your tractor may be rather too slow and put up an unimpressive show.

Safety system issues

Problems may arise in the safety system. Although your tractor is undoubtedly useful, it can hurt you. Quite badly too. It can overturn causing serious injuries or even fatalities. Luckily, newer generation tractors have a rollover protection system.

Faulty brakes

A common culprit and incredibly distressing. Tractors may spiral out of control and cause significant injuries.

Stiff joints

As with their human counterparts, stiff joints are a nuisance and generally reduce productivity.

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I just had my first experience with these guys, and based on how friendly, accommodating, quick and fair-priced they are with general maintenance, I can say without a doubt that I'll be going back to them in the future. Peter was pleasant and candid from the moment he answered my first phone call to the moment I left with my car. And while my car was in the shop, TLC offered complimentary rides to and from my house.


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Electrical issues

Tractor lights may develop faults and won’t come on. You should handle this promptly because, with poor lighting, your tractor poses a major hazard.

Oil issues

Tractors may experience the all-too-common oil leaks or simply need an oil change service. Tractor oil may also get contaminated with water droplets. You may notice leaks on the garage floor or a color change in contaminated oil.

Dirty filters

Tractor filters may become dirty, clogged, and old. This will render the filter unable to function appropriately.

A faulty fan belt

The fan belt may wear or even tear completely.

Issues with the hose system

These hoses may become worn, slack, or begin to leak.

Tire issues

Tractor tires bear significant weight. As with other vehicles, tractors may have flat or leaky tires.

Steering issues

Your tractor’s steering system may get worn or damaged.

Tractor repair

What about your lawn tractor?

These are lighter duty equipment. Still, they’re built to tackle most jobs on your lawn. From mulching, hauling, bagging, plowing, and more, you can use these for quite a bit of work on your front and backyard.

Unfortunately, they’re not spared from the perils of the soil or the hardness of the earth.

A few issues could crop up here including:

  • A smoking lawn tractor as a result of clogged air filters.
  • A faulty starter or plug that could prevent it from starting.
  • Overheating due to clogged cooling fins. Grass, leaves, and other debris do a decent job of clogging said fins, thereby, preventing the engine from cooling down.
  • A rough ride due to a lack of oil. This could also manifest as jerky idling.
  • Engine troubles. A bad engine in any machinery might translate to the end of its usefulness.
  • Old age. With a life span of about 8 – 10 years for most brands, you’d be pushing it by continuing to use them past this age.

Maintaining your lawn tractor properly is mostly what you have to do. Keep the filters and the fins clean and free of debris. Lubricate the parts and add oil when due. Of course, send it out for some expert treatment when the issue goes beyond what DIYing can solve.

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What the auto-repairers do

They’re likely skilled in both farm and lawn tractor repair. Fixing a farm tractor is the more complicated activity as the parts are bigger. Fixing a lawn tractor may be easier but still has to be thoroughly done.

Here’s some detail on what your auto-repairer will do to get your tractor running like new. Your tractor’s composed of many intricate parts that work together. A part of this unit may slow or stop others.

This would usually begin with a thorough inspection of the battery, controls, safety system, electrical components, tires, and many more. Your tractor’s steering, transmission systems, and engine performance also get a critical look.

This is done in a bid to identify the parts slowing your tractor down. Here’s the interesting part; this can be done as a maintenance-inspection process. It’s better to pick issues and nip them in the bud. Win-win.

Next is the cleaning of debris from the filters or a complete replacement. If you’re getting the full service, there’s a breath of fresh air – an oil change, new oil, and fuel filters along with new air filters.

For your lawn tractors, they are left with sharper and crisper (or new) blades that can smoothly handle the most stubborn lawn.

Of course, there’s the lubrication step. This makes for a seamless farming/mowing experience. Stiff joints are expertly handled. If you’ve got a gasoline engine, new spark plugs are installed.

Your auto-repairer may also check the tractor fluid levels and take care of any leaks, and repair the fan belt or radiator as necessary.  

Benefits of tractor repair

Tractor repair

With your tractor, it’s great to get professional and prompt repair. You don’t want any heavy-duty complications while trying to get the job done.

Smoother performance

Your vehicle simply performs better and offers a lot more value.

Saves you money and time

Prompt repair reduces your downtime and loss of productivity whether on the farm or in your home. You’d save the money you would have spent on more extensive repairs or replacement.

Longer lifespan

Tractors are expensive. You’d want yours to last as long and possible. Fix any issues as soon as they arise.

Better safety profile

Although this isn’t ideal, you can have maintenance on the side as your tractor is being repaired.


Although this isn’t ideal, you can have maintenance on the side as your tractor is being repaired.

Looking for professional tractor repair? TLC Auto and Truck Repair Center offers that. We’ve got you covered.

TLC has fully insured and ASE certified technicians. In our 30 years of business, we’ve earned an impeccable reputation for honesty and great customer service. Also, you’d get a 24-month and 24k-mile guarantee.

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