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Box Truck Repair

Serving Long Island since 1991. Give us a call, we’re happy to assist you.

Box Truck Repair
Box Truck Repair

Box Truck Repair

Box Truck Repair in Long Island

Box trucks are a great way to transport things that need to be protected from the elements. They’re versatile and hardworking, which is why they’re such a popular commercial vehicle choice. They’re used as moving trucks, to deliver parts, and even, with a few modifications, for refrigerated deliveries.


But, because box trucks are hard working machines, from time to time they need repairs and maintenance. So, if you arrived here looking for “box truck repair near me” you’re in the right place. Read on to find out how we can help.

TLCs Reputation

TLC Auto & Truck has been around since 1991, so we’ve had thirty years to build our reputation. Our customers love us because we’re experienced, quality oriented, honest, and reliable. You will too.

Box Truck Repair Services

Box trucks might look simply, but there are a lot of moving parts involved here. So, with regular use, it’s only natural some of those parts will need some TLC. Whatever it is, we can help!

Box Truck Repair & Maintenance 1

Box Truck Door Repair

Do your doors stick a little? Has the latch, lock or hinges stopped working right? Whatever is wrong with your box truck doors, we can get them back to tip top condition. We offer standard door repairs and services as well as box truck roll up door repair, so whichever style you have, we have you covered.

TLC truck

Springs, Cables and Rollers

There are lots of mechanical parts to a box truck that aren’t in the engine. If you need box truck liftgate repair, cable repair, rollers repair, or spring repair to your commercial box truck, we’re ready to help. With a large stock of parts and a direct line to all the big manufacturers, we can get what you need to get everything working right.

Box Truck Repair & Maintenance 2

Box Truck Body Repair

Your box truck is built to work. So as long as everything functions, and it can be out on the road, it’s getting the job done. But your company vehicles are also an advertisement for your company. So, they need to look good too! Contact us for box truck panel repair, box truck roof repair, body repairs and more!

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Give us a call, we are happy to assist you.


fleet repair maintenance


We are well-equipped for fleet repair and maintenance. We currently work with fleet management companies: Element, ARI, LeasePlan, Ge Capital.

Free pick up and drop off


No second vehicle? No worries. we’ve got your back, we’ll pick you up and drop you off for free!

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30 years of experience


We’ve been reliably repairing cars, trucks, trailers, and RV’s for almost 30 years.

we repair everything


There are no gimmicks here. We tell you what needs to be fixed and get the job done.

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Authenticity is our brand. Bringing you complete and genuine service with a smile.

guaranteed repairs


Guaranteed (most) repairs for 24 months or 24K miles, giving you peace of mind.

Repair Service Box Truck
Box Truck Service

When to Contact Us for Box Truck Repair

When it comes to your commercial box truck, we know that time really is money. If your truck isn’t out there doing deliveries and pickups, you’ve got some unhappy customers! We understand, so we offer fast turnaround and speedy servicing. But sometimes, it makes sense to take your truck off the road.

Here are a few signs that you need box truck repair sooner rather than later:

There are big fines for operating unsafe commercial vehicles on the road, and the time it takes to diagnose and fix the problem will probably still save you more money than the fine you could get. So, when something seems seriously wrong, it’s the right time to contact us!

How We Approach Box Truck Repairs

We’ve been fixing all kinds of trucks for a long time. So, we know what our customers want for their commercial vehicles. 

Our process works like this:

Our service is always fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and honest, so you always get the job done right.

Box Truck Service Repair
Box Truck Repair Service

Benefits of Box Truck Repair

Keep Your Shipments Safe

The last thing you want is customers who complain about damaged shipments. A properly maintained box truck is a critical part of delivering everything on time and in one piece.

Look the Part

Whether we like it or not, people judge us on appearances. Even if your box truck is mechanically sound, if it looks beat up, it’s giving the wrong impression. So, some cosmetic repair is a good idea too!

Avoid Fines

If your truck is not safe and doesn’t meet state requirements, you could be setting yourself up for big fines. Your vehicle could even be taken off the road. So, it’s always a good idea to make important safety related repairs as soon as possible.

What We Do for Box Trucks

When it comes to box truck repairs, it’s a better idea to ask what we DON’T do. We do panel repairs and check hinges, locks, and latches. We fix cables, liftgates and rollers, and we work on engines, brakes and more.


In fact, anything you need to keep your box truck legal and, on the road, safely, TLC Auto and Truck Repair can help!

Repair Service Box Truck near me

Types of Box Truck

Box Truck Repair

Box Trucks, commercial box trucks AND CO

There are lots of things you could use commercial box trucks for, and sometimes, they’re called different things. Some people call them a cube van. Others might just call them a delivery van, or a moving truck.


With a few modifications, a box truck can also be a refrigerated delivery truck.


But whatever type of box truck you have (and whatever you call it!) we can repair, service and maintain it for you.


Don’t compromise on safety for yourself or others on the road. Drop by our shop, schedule an online appointment today or give us a call


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