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NYS Inspections

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NYS Inspections
NY State Inspections

NY State Inspection Station

Your qualified car, trailer & truck inspection station

An official State of New York motor vehicle inspection is a must to ensure that all New York vehicles are up to standard to drive legally on public roads.


The rule is that all vehicles, cars, trucks, trailers, busses RVs, registered in New York State must undergo a safety inspection every 12 months or at any point when ownership of the vehicle in question was transferred.

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New York State Inspection Service

Most things to be checked are simple and may not require any specialized instruments. However, some do need code readers to make sure there’s no emission related codes, for example, in the vehicle’s computer. Safety items that will be inspected on your vehicles are as follows:

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New York State Inspection

NYS Emissions Inspection

To standardize the process and ensure that it is only carried out by the appropriate technicians, this inspection can only be done at a DMV-licensed inspection station. That way, every inspection uses the same mandated rubric to determine if a vehicle satisfies the state requirements.


After the safety items are inspected and everything is found to be in order, an emissions inspection will be carried out. This is per the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act that aims to reduce harmful emissions from most personal vehicles.


This typically involves an On-Board Diagnostics Generation II (OBDII), a “Low Enhanced” Emissions Inspection, and a Diesel Emissions Inspection (Smoke Opacity Test). The particular one done depends on the type of vehicle you have, perhaps a car or a light-duty truck.


All you need to know about the New York State Inspection

Safety items that will be inspected on your vehicles are as follows:

  • Lights. They check your directional lights, both the front and rear. A fast blinker might indicate lighting issues which they will determine. They also check your parking lamps, headlights, brake lights, reverse lights, and license plate lights. These lights should all be functional.


  • Tires. The tires are also inspected. They do a physical assessment of the tire conditions to check for dry rot, cracks, and tread depth.


  • Windshield & Mirrow Glass. The windshield and mirror glass are thoroughly inspected for cracks, damage, and discolorations.


  • Wipers & Sprayers. They will make sure your wipers and sprayers work well and that there’s washer fluid in the reservoir.


  • Horn. The horn is inspected to ensure it is operational.


  • Suspension Components & Steering Column. The suspension components and steering column are checked for safety.


  • Exhaust. They check the condition of the exhaust to ensure there are no leaks. There should also be no fuel leaks from your vehicle.


  • Seat Belts. Seat belts are inspected to ensure they’re functional. They also ensure air bag safety by checking the airbag warning lamp and more
NYS Inspections Stickers
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how to pass the inspection

If the station determines that your car’s condition is appropriate to pass the car inspection, then they will attach a valid car inspection station sticker to the inside of your windshield. This sticker is valid for 12 months and expires on the last day of the month that appears on it.


A vehicle that has successfully passed the safety inspection and the emissions inspection is entitled to a safety/diesel emission inspection certificate.


If you can, make sure you get your vehicle in order before having it inspected. Otherwise, go to a station that offers some of those services so they can help get your vehicle in order so you’re sure to pass the inspection.

NYS Inspection Sticker


NYS inspection station

NYS Inspections on all vehicles

To have your vehicle inspected by a qualified station, call TLC Auto and Truck Repair Service Center and book an appointment now.


More than our wide range of auto repair duties, we are fully licensed to do New York State inspections on all vehicles. That way, we can perform any repairs needed based on your inspection results and any other observations our technicians make. Check out our Trailer inspection services or diesel inspection service as well.


Don’t compromise on safety for yourself or others on the road. Drop by our shop, schedule an online appointment today or give us a call

FAQ about NY State Inspections

What happens if I fail my vehicle inspection?

You will not receive the NY state inspection sticker or certificate and you will be required to get your car in order and come back within 30 days for your inspection. If it was just a portion of the inspection that you failed, then only that portion is re-inspected.

Check out our complete NYS Inspection Cost guide

What if I don't want to get my vehicle inspected?

Unfortunately, you don’t have a say in the matter. It is part of the state’s laws. Failure to have your vehicle inspected could result in heavy fines and parking tickets. Plus, you will not be able to renew your registration or insurance.

Do I have to get my vehicle inspected if I just moved to New York?

If a vehicle was inspected in another state and you were issued a sticker, then you don’t have to have another inspection in New York. You can go on with your out-of-state inspection until it expires. After that, you need to get a New York State inspection.

What do I do about the car inspection if I just bought the vehicle?

This depends on who you bought the vehicle from. If you bought it from a dealer, then they must have had it inspected within 30 days of the date of sale and before delivery. If it was bought from a private seller, you’ll receive a 10-day extension from the date of registration.


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