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Leaf Spring Repair & Replacement Replacement For Your Truck

When is it time for a leaf spring replacement?

Your truck, trailer, and semi depend on leaf springs to maintain good suspension. Over time, worn leaf springs can degrade suspension systems and erode the structure of leaf springs.

If you haul heavy loads for work, you’ll inevitably need a leaf spring replacement. Some common culprits that damage leaf springs are:

  • Harsh weather elements
  • Driving on bad roads
  • Carrying loads that are far too heavy
  • Exposing suspension systems to road salt

The more stress that you place on your truck’s suspension system, the sooner it will need repair and replacement.

But keep in mind that mileage is also a factor as well as the overall age of the vehicle. The good news is that it’s easy to spot bad leaf springs once you know what to look for.

Common signs of faulty leaf springs

First, if you think you may have completely broken leaf springs, it’s not a good idea to drive any further on them. You will damage other suspension system components by driving too far on faulty leaf springs.

A tow to a repair shop costs far less than replacing an entire suspension.

If you suspect that you may have worn out or broken leaf springs, watch out for:

  • Leaning and rocking back and forth when accelerating or coming to a stop
  • Pulling hard to one side or the other when the truck is in motion
  • Slumping to one side or the other while the truck is in park
  • Jostling from small bumps and divots in the road

These are four of the most common signs of defective leaf springs.

Repairing and replacing leaf springs regularly allows you to squeeze more life out of your truck’s suspension.

What's the best way to go about leaf spring repair?

The general rule of thumb is that you’ll need leaf spring repair once the vehicle surpasses 200,000 miles. As usual with most auto repairs, suspension components can break or malfunction much, much sooner than 200,000 miles.


Problems with leaf springs can occur well before 100,000 miles if you drive on bumpy roads or exceed your truck’s load tolerance.


Checking your leaf springs every 12,000 miles should suffice to catch suspension problems before they can cause further damage.

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Common signs you need a leaf spring repair

Before going to a repair shop, you can see for yourself if leaf springs may be an issue. Some common signs of inadequate leaf springs are similar to the signs of a bad tire, so you’ll need to know the difference.

Use a flashlight to thoroughly inspect your suspension from underneath the truck and make note of:

  • Chipped or cracked leaf spring leaves
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Bent leaf spring arches
  • Leaf ends damaging individual leaves
  • A sag in the suspension system

Other signs are more subtle, so taking the vehicle to a shop now and then is best for maintenance.

Since leaf springs aren’t the only part of your truck’s suspension system, it’s not recommended that you try to repair them yourself. Unless you have the right knowledge and the right tools for the job, you may do more harm than good.

To change leaf springs properly, you have to lift the truck high enough to safely remove all of the parts that surround the leaf spring. There’s also the risk of trying to install the wrong type of leaf spring with the wrong max load capacity.

You may be able to pull it off yourself with the right equipment. But most truck owners don’t have this depth of knowledge when it comes to safely repair suspensions.

What are the benefits of leaf spring maintenance?

Leaf springs support the weight of the truck’s chassis, which can be heavy, depending on the size of the truck. Making sure that leaf springs are working well ensures that you’ll have a smooth ride for years to come.

Taking care of your truck’s leaf springs is important if you want to keep maintenance costs low over the lifespan of your vehicle. Your truck will also have a longer life overall, and in the end, you’ll get more value out of your truck.


It’s common for trucks and trailers to take more punishment than other commercial vehicles, and repairing an entire suspension system is not an option for an aging truck. It’s simply not worth the price once an entire suspension system malfunctions.

But when your truck’s suspension system is strong and working well, you’ll also put less wear and tear on your tires. Lifted trucks that typically feature customized tires benefit most from good suspension due to the sheer weight of the vehicle.


Pro Tip: to get the most out of your leaf springs: Don’t forget to clean them regularly! Over time, corrosive grit, debris, and grime will damage any suspension system. Using an ordinary degreasing spray and a wire brush will work well enough to keep leaf springs as clean as possible.

We fix any problem that you have with leaf springs

At TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center, we can fix any problem that you have with leaf springs if cleaning will no longer serve.

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