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Diesel Injection Pump Repair

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Diesel Pump Repair

Diesel Injection Pump Repair

Why is the diesel injection pump important?

If you notice that your vehicle is consuming more gas than usual or that it is overheating, then you might be due for a diesel pump repair! The diesel fuel pump is what provides your engine with the fuel it needs to operate, so when the pump is damaged, your car’s performance will begin to decrease.


The diesel fuel injection pump is crucial in keeping your car operational, and a damaged pump can cause multiple other issues, including increased emission rate, increased fuel consumption and so on. A damaged fuel injector pump is often a result of contamination, where debris or rust enters the fuel filter and produces clogs.

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Diesel Injection Pump Repair Service

In order to keep your diesel pump in top shape, and prevent needing repairs or a replace in the future, we offer other fuel system services:

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Fuel Line Service

Have your fuel hoses inspected for any potential leaks and have your fuel filter replaced to maintain proper fuel injection levels.

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Fuel Tank Service

Have your fuel tank retaining straps replaced, or your entire fuel tank replaced. 

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Fuel Injector Service

Have your fuel injectors regularly cleaned with a fuel system cleanser.

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Injection Pump Repair Diesel Car
Diesel injector pump repair near me

Problems that customers experience

There are multiple symptoms and indications of a struggling diesel injection pump. The most common problems that customers encounter with their diesel fuel injector include:

Other common issues that result from a malfunctioning diesel injection pump include:

Filter clogs: Not having your filters cleaned or replaced regularly can result in poor fueling.


Injector clogs: This can result in engine cylinders not firing correctly, poor emissions, and poor fuel consumption.

Inefficient fueling: When your injection pump isn’t working properly, fuel can’t travel to the engine as controlled as it should be, which results in decreased performance or starter troubles.

Air in the fuel lines: When the fuel and vapors are not properly filtered and transported to the engine, excess pressure will begin to build, resulting in air bubbles in the fuel lines. This can also result in pump leaks.

Check Engine light: One of the first indicators that you will encounter is that the Check Engine light will turn on. Combined with any of these other common problems, there is a good chance that your diesel injection pump needs repairing.

How diesel injection pump repair solves customer’s problems

Aside from not having to purchase a new injector pump, a diesel injection pump repair solves multiple issues. Having your injection pump repaired fixes other problems, including overheating, decreased MPG, surging, sputtering, and loss of power by restoring your vehicle’s fueling efficiency.


Repairing your injection pump instead of replacing it also means your vehicle will be back on the road sooner.

Diesel Injector and pumps repair
Car Diesel Injection Pump Repair

THE BENEFITS OF OUR Diesel Injection Pump Repair

Saves Money

Replacing the entire fuel pump in a diesel vehicle, on average, costs around $2,000. Diesel injection pump repair can save your hundreds of dollars, in addition to saving you money at the gas station.

Reduces Downtime

Replacing your entire injection pump can leave you without a vehicle or in a rental far longer than if you schedule a repair.

Restore Performance

By having a diesel injection pump repair, you can restore your vehicle’s performance to before the issues began, meaning no more starter troubles, overheating or loss of power.

Prevent additional repairs

Other issues that are often involved in a damaged injection pump include clogged filters and injectors, air in the fuel lines, and a leaking pump. Having an injection pump repair prevents having to replace other parts, including your catalytic convertor.

FAQ about Diesel Injection Pump Repair

After getting an injection pump repair, how do you maintain the pump for optimum health?

Keeping your fuel filters clean is one of the best ways to maintain your freshly repaired injection pump. Replacing and cleaning your fuel filters will keep contaminants from clogging your pump. Also, keeping your vehicle fueled up will help to maintain your injection pump. Fuel helps to keep the pump cool, so the lower the fuel level, the higher the temperature the injection pump will reach.

How much does it cost to repair my diesel injection pump?

The overall cost depends on your vehicle, including it’s make, model, and year.

What does a diesel fuel injection pump repair involve?

When you bring your vehicle to us, we will first test your fuel pump to ensure that it doesn’t work. Then, we will remove the pump from the tank and then the fuel hoses and connectors. Any parts that can be reused will be attached to the new injector pump. This saves on time and money spent acquiring parts for the pump.


Our mechanics will also replace the external filter, if your vehicle is one that has an external filter, to ensure proper maintenance. Lastly, fuel is pumped back into the tank and the fuel system will be tested for potential leaks.

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