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Timing Belt replacement

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Timing Belt replacement near me
Timing Belt Repair

How important is a timing belt?

Why you need an timing belt repair service

The timing belt is a car part that you probably never think about it. Call it a timing belt or a cambelt, either way, it’s the unsung hero of your vehicle’s engine, keeping the crankshaft, the camshaft, and all the valves and pistons all in sync. In many cars and trucks, the timing belt also drives the water pump that circulates coolant keeping your vehicle from overheating.


Timing belts are made from rubber and Kevlar. They’re designed to be tough, but they don’t last forever. Age, heat, and friction from the engine can all cause a timing belt to wear out.


A timing belt or a cambelt repair can be a relatively quick affair or a major headache.  When a timing belt is worn out, and those parts fall out of sync, that’s a sign that it’s time to bring your car or truck to a service center.  One way to avoid these headaches is preventive maintenance. Vehicle manufacturers recommend timing belt repair and replacement every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. 

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TLC Auto & Truck has been around since 1991, so we’ve had thirty years to build our reputation. Our customers love us because we’re experienced, quality oriented, honest, and reliable. You will too.

Timing Belt Repair Services

When it’s a routine replacement, timing belts are a simple affair. If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a timing belt failure, repairs can be more expensive. But no matter what the issue is, our technicians have seen everything there is to do with timing belts including:

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Give us a call, we are happy to assist you.


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Common signs your timing belt needs replacement

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, your car or truck may need a timing belt repair:

What happens to my car if the timing belt breaks?

A worn-out timing belt is a great concern. Issues that it can cause include:

If your timing belt begins to slip off the tensioner gears, you can experience misfires or hesitation when accelerating. In severe cases, your car or truck might stall.

If the timing of the engine is off, fuel might not ignite at the correct moment, leading to loud banging sounds coming from the engine. This knocking can damage your engine.

If the crankshaft falls out of sync with the pistons, it can push engine valves into the pistons, leading to valve and piston damage. If your valves or pistons are damaged, then the only solution is a complete engine rebuild.

Replacement Cambelt
Timing Belt replacement near me

The benefits of timing belt repair and replacement

Peace of mind

When you get your timing belt or cam belt repaired, your vehicle engine will be fine for another 60,000-100,000 without having to worry about timing belt failure that could leave you stranded. By preventing timing belt failures, you also reduce the risk of severe engine damage.

Better engine performance

If your vehicle’s engine is out of sync and misfiring, it uses more fuel and doesn’t run as well. By keeping up with the timing belt repair interval, your vehicle will not only drive better but will also be quieter.

Save Money

An engine that is misfiring due to timing issues burns a lot more fuel than a properly functioning engine. By having your timing belt replaced, your engine will run in sync again and use less fuel. Less fuel burned means more money in your pocket.

The timing belt repair process

Replacing a timing belt can be a lengthy process but is still a lot shorter than major engine repairs that you might need when a timing belt fails. First, the mechanic needs to access the timing belt by removing the timing cover. Accessing the timing cover usually requires the removal of several other engine components first. Once the mechanic has removed everything else, they can remove the timing belt and its associated parts, including the water pump, pulleys, and tensioners


While they have these parts out, they use special tools to prevent the crankshaft and camshaft from moving out of alignment. After installing the new timing belt, they’ll replace the parts they removed. After a final test drive, your vehicle is ready for thousands of miles of trouble-free driving.

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Timing belt

Timing Belt Service and more

TLC Auto and Truck is a certified Auto and Truck repair service center. Family-owned and serving Long Island since 1991, we offer professional timing belt service and believe in treating our customers like family. If your car or truck is due for a timing belt replacement, or if you have any questions, come on by, or give us a call.


We’re happy to provide a free estimate. We also offer free pickup and drop-off of your vehicle. Because of our experience, we can confidently back up our work with a 24,000 mile, 24-month guarantee.


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