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Crankshaft Repair & Replacement

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Crankshaft Repair & Replacement

What’s so important about a vehicle’s crankshaft?

The crankshaft is the most important component of your vehicle’s engine. The crankshaft is involved in the entire process, from the fuel being directed to the engine to exhaust fumes going out. 


A damaged crankshaft can also create a list of other issues if left unattended for too long. These issues include causing your engine to seize and contaminating the oil with metal shavings. 


Being aware of what a damaged crankshaft can sound like is the first step to preventing further damage.

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Crankshaft Replacement Service

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Are you in need of an auto crankshaft repair service?

Driving with a damaged or unstable crankshaft is dangerous. The longer you drive with a damaged or unstable crankshaft, the more damage that can be done.

So, the following are common signs of a malfunctioning crankshaft:

  • Engine knocking: The first, most common, sign of a damaged crankshaft is a loud knocking sound in your engine. This indicates that the bolts on your crankshaft are potentially loose, and so the crankshaft is loose.


  • Bearing noise: This sounds like a rumbling or a thumping noise from within your engine. If you hear this, shut the car down immediately to avoid further potential damage. 

  • Low oil pressure: Another sign of an issue with your crankshaft can be the oil pressure light on your dashboard. If your vehicle is signifying that its oil pressure is low, this can be a sign that your crankshaft is malfunctioning. 

  • The engine won’t start: If your engine’s crankshaft isn’t working correctly, your engine won’t function correctly either. So, if your engine isn’t starting, your crankshaft could have failed. 

  • Metal shavings in oil: When you have your oil changed, whether you do it yourself or have someone change the oil for you, finding metal shavings in the oil is a sign of crankshaft malfunction. 


  • Copper sheen in oil: Another sign found in your vehicle’s oil is a copper sheen. This is a sign that the bearings in the crankshaft are worn down.

Why does it matter?

Arranging to have your crankshaft repaired or replaced solves the issue of the knocking sound in your engine, as well as saves your engine. The sooner the starter is repaired, the less the likelihood that the engine will have to be replaced. 


If the mechanic can repair your crankshaft, then you are also saved from the expensive price tag of having to replace your engine. The vehicle will also be safe to drive with the new crankshaft in place.

Repair & replacement crankshaft
Near me crankshaft repair

The benefits of a crankshaft repair

Save Vehicle Lifespan

The main benefit of having a crankshaft repair or replacement is maintaining your vehicle’s engine and overall lifespan. If the engine ends up damaged, then your vehicle faces being totaled.

Vehicle is Safe to Drive

Once your crankshaft has been repaired or replaced, your vehicle will return to being safe to drive, without the threat of your engine or other parts being damaged.

Saves Money and Time

Being able to have your crankshaft repaired instead of replaced saves money, as you won’t pay as much in parts. A crankshaft repair takes less time, also, as the mechanic won’t need to wait for a new crankshaft to arrive.

More Comfortable Drive

Your vehicle will no longer make the bearing and knocking noises after a crankshaft repair and replacement. You also won’t have to stare at the low oil pressure light on your dashboard.

Crankshaft Maintenance

In addition to knowing the signs of a failing crankshaft, it is also important to regularly maintain your vehicle. Getting an oil change after a crankshaft repair is also a good idea to ensure that no debris and contamination is floating in the oil pan. 


Ask your mechanic to polish the crankshaft after it’s been repaired as well. Polishing the crankshaft removes any debris that may be clung to it and cleans off oil residue that could be built up in the passageways.

Crankshaft replacement

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Why auto crankshaft repair is important

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FAQ about Crankshaft repair & replacement

How can I prevent my crankshaft from malfunctioning?

The main way to prevent crankshaft-related issues is to maintain your vehicle’s health. Schedule necessary maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How much does a crankshaft repair or replacement cost?

If your crankshaft needs to be replaced entirely, you are looking at an average of $1,300, but this price can vary between $400 and $1,700. In the case that your engine’s crankshaft can be repaired, expect to pay heavier fees for labor, rather than parts. 

How long does it take to repair or replace a crankshaft?

Repairing or replacing your crankshaft is a lengthy process. Expect your vehicle to stay at the mechanic’s shop for at least a couple of days or more.

What causes crankshaft failure?

Like most parts of a car, the crankshaft is vulnerable to debris contamination, but excessive heat and misalignment can also cause a crankshaft to fail.


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