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Hydraulic System Service

Hydraulic system repair & service

Our full-service repair shops offer complete hydraulic repair and installation services for a wide range of light, medium and heavy-duty system applications. Our professionally trained technicians perform fluid system troubleshooting and other maintenance services using only the latest diagnostics and specialized tools.


How Truck Hydraulic Systems Work

The working and steering hydraulic systems are supplied with fluid by a single truck hydraulic pump, which operates in an open circuit. There are hydraulic cylinders for acting and retracting, lifting and lowering for example a telescopic arm, or various other components on the vehicle. The hydraulic fluid movement through the system increases and reduces pressure to move components in a desired manner.

Electronics in hydraulic pumps for trucks

An electronic control system plays a central role for the functioning of the hydraulic system overall. It optimizes the fluid movement ratio depending on desired speed and required performance according to the driver’s chosen working mode.

The use of electronics in hydraulic pump for truck systems today is simply and safely fulfilling many needs in fleet service with the control and monitoring of the work functions on different types of hydraulic pump truck installations.


We Accept All Makes & Models

Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic equipment can be found on a large number of vehicles, and the trained technicians at TLC Auto & Truck Center have the tools and experience needed to service and repairs systems of all shapes and sizes to help ensure many years of reliable service ahead.

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