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NY Hydraulic System Service

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Hydraulic Repair Service

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At TLC Auto and Truck Repair, we offer all auto and truck services including full range hydraulic services.

Repair, replacement, installation, and scheduled maintenance of all hydraulic system components are included.

These services are performed by trained technicians who start by performing full grade diagnostics on the system to figure out the appropriate steps to take.

And with only the best and most specialized tools, fixing up hydraulic system issues is not a problem. Which is good news for you because your vehicle’s hydraulic system is highly beneficial to you.

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Hydraulic Repair and Your Vehicle

As a driver of either a car or a truck, you probably see your automobile as a collection of parts powered by an engine so it can drive on its wheels and tires.

That’s true to an extent. However, an automobile is so much more than that. Some parts play major roles and are regarded as such. Take the engine for instance. It’s the powerhouse of the vehicle.

The hydraulics are just as important. “Hydraulics” is a rather vast term describing systems found not only in vehicles but also in industrial machines.

Their basic design is built to provide power, control, safety, and improve the performance of the system in question.

In the actual sense, they’re anything but basic. They’re quite complex.

With numerous parts ranging from a hydraulic pump, an electric motor, and a hydraulic cylinder to the valves, it’s important that whoever is working on them has a solid grasp of them.

For instance, a vehicle’s brakes are hydraulic. This means they use fluid to operate. So, whenever you hit the brakes to stop the car, you’re pushing a pistol into the master cylinder – the brake fluid reservoir.

The fluid then transfers pressure to brake lines that run up to each wheel, thereby activating the brakes and stopping the vehicle.

hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic systems can also be a part of a vehicle’s suspension system where it provides a much smoother ride for the driver.

Beyond that, there are different types of hydraulic systems but they all contain the basic parts listed above.

Generally, think of them as a means of pushing hydraulic fluid through a system to generate “fluid power”.

Issues here must be determined through expert hydraulic diagnostics. It also calls for a repair.

Managing” the problem is not a solution. A permanent solution would be adequate repair and replacement of the necessary components.

Truck Hydraulic Systems

These differ a little in their working principle. The system works in an open circuit where a single truck hydraulic pump supplies fluid to the truck’s hydraulic system.

Just like the hydraulic cylinders mentioned above, these systems also have cylinders that control various features of the truck, such as acting and retracting.

As the hydraulic fluid moves through the system, it either increases or decreases pressure to control the various parts.

Without a fully functional hydraulic system in place, you would have a rather hard time controlling your car or truck.

One of the biggest uses of hydraulics in trucks is in controlling hydraulic cranes (for trucks that have them).

A typical hydraulic boom truck – a mobile crane – would come with a diesel engine. However, the crane would be controlled by the hydraulic system.

The majority of the big trucks around depend on hydraulic systems to perform their heavy-duty tasks.

hydraulics in trucks

Hydraulic Repair Services You Need to Maintain Optimal Performance of Your Automobile

The services you need here often include hydraulic system diagnostics, hydraulic system repair, and a hydraulic system replacement.

Another very important aspect that could save you the trouble of repairs and replacements is hydraulic system maintenance.

Your best bet is to find an auto and truck repair shop with specialists that are well-versed in carrying out hydraulic system-specific services.

These include:

          ✔  Factory-level assembly and disassembly of hydraulic cylinders

          ✔  Inspection of hydraulic cylinders according to manufacturer’s standards.

          ✔  Repair of hydraulic cylinder components

          ✔  Pressure testing of the hydraulic system

          ✔  Computer diagnostics to figure out the issues and potentials fixes of the hydraulic system

          ✔  Valve resealing and repair

          ✔  Seal maintenance

          ✔  Valve and hose inspection

          ✔  Hydraulic pump repair

          ✔  Fluid checks

          ✔  Electronic control system servicing

          ✔  Scheduled hydraulic system maintenance following the manufacturer’s maintenance checklist.

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Why You Should Get Hydraulic Repair Services?

Each of the above-listed services is indicated for a particular issue with the hydraulic system of your automobile.

Fixing them will significantly improve the performance of your vehicle.

Here’s how:

  •  The electronic control system ensures the overall hydraulic system functions properly by optimizing the fluid movement ratio based on your preferred mode.


  •   A fully functional electronic system in a hydraulic pump goes beyond controlling the system to monitoring its output and optimizing it for cars and trucks.


  •  Hydraulic components play an invaluable role in your vehicle or equipment’s reliability.


  •  Hydraulic systems play a huge role in the performance (especially weight lifting) of trucks, such as truck-mounted cranes, garbage trucks, and snowplows.


  •  Regular maintenance of your hydraulic system will help you avoid breakdowns and repairs that could be potentially costly.
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What can I say.. these guys are the best in the diesel truck repair business that I've found. I own several Ram Diesel Tow Trucks and they have kept us running without fail and for a very fair price. Thanks guys, you'll always be my 'go-to' for my trucks!

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Ultimately, hydraulic systems must be given the professional treatment they deserve if you want to enjoy your car or truck.

Regardless of it being a rather technical job, at TLC Auto and Truck Repair, we’ve got trained auto mechanics who are adept at all things hydraulics – be it for your car, truck, or equipment.

Bring your vehicle over and our ASE-certified technicians will give the hydraulic system a complete overhaul.

We won’t stop there, we can come up with a convenient maintenance checklist for you to follow in addition to scheduled maintenance visits at the shop.

Reach out to us now at TLC Auto and Truck Repair or call (631) 201-5755 for more information.


No second vehicle? No worries. We’ve got your back.

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...No tricks, just good honest mechanics. They only use quality parts, not after market products that just don’t perform and last like the OEM ones. You get what you pay for in auto parts. They have very competitive pricing and being as meticulous as I am, they gave my truck back in the same neat and clean condition in which I gave it to them. No greasy hand prints on the trunk, hood, door handles or steering wheel. I got to see some of their upgrade work on several 4x4 trucks and they produce some sharp looking vehicles. I have absolutely no issue with recommending them. Nice work TLC Auto and Truck !

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30 Years Of Experience

We’ve been reliably repairing trucks for almost 30 years.

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