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so, What’s the fuss about transmission?

In need of a Transmission Repair and Replacement?

Your vehicle’s transmission system works to make driving a smooth and enjoyable experience. You do not want a jagged or even scary time behind the wheels. If you treat your transmission right, it reciprocates. Transmission communicates information to your car based on your specific speed needs. This will either increase or reduce the work done by the engine.


For your vehicle to move, power is generated from the engine. This power has to be carried to the wheels. This is where the transmission system comes in. Basically, this is a series of connections including the gearbox. Sometimes, there is a breakdown along the line. If this happens, prompt repair is important. You do not want your vehicle slipping in and out of gear without your control.

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Transmission Repair and Replacement SERVICES

Wondering what’s involved in your transmission repair? Here’s a list of what your repairer will mostly likely handle:

Transmission Repair and Replacement 1

Your auto repairer will ensure you have the right type, optimal level, and good state of the fluid. There may be for a top-up, replacement, or fixing a leak. Everyone talks about your car oil. Ever had your transmission fluid changed?

This important transmission component may get worn out or fail. Repair services may involve extensive clutch repair or full replacement.

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On the side, you may also get transmission maintenance services including flushing and filter cleaning. This should be included in your regular vehicle maintenance as required.

After a professional technician fixes your vehicle, he does a thorough check of the fluids, functionality, and any potential leaks. It will only leave the repair shop as fit as a fiddle.

Transmission Repair and Replacement 2

Any issues with your vehicle’s transfer case will be well taken care of.

Sometimes, the system is so bad that auto repairers would have to rebuild it entirely to revive it. The component worked on is usually the gearbox.

Sometimes, a total replacement of the gearbox is the final decision.

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What Can Go Wrong With Your Transmission System?

A lot can go wrong with your vehicle’s transmission. Some of these are minor while others are major issues that will cost a lot of money in repairs.

They may include:

Benefits of A Transmission Repair Service

Are you unsure about getting transmission repair service? Wondering what’s in it for you?Fortunately, most breakdowns do not come on suddenly. There would usually be (often ignored) warning signs. This may be anything from unusual buzzing, slipping gears, or an outright burning smell.


Look out for the signs so that you can present to the repairer early enough. You may ignore a tiny plumbing fault until it floods your home. You can apply this to faults with your transmission system. There are lots of benefits to accessing this transmission service. Check them out further below. 

What Do The Experts Do?

Auto repairers are skilled in finding out what’s wrong and fixing it. You should be able to get both diesel and automotive repair. There’s no discrimination between automatic or manual cars. Whether it’s an Audi, Mercedes, or BMW, we can handle the transmission systems of different makes.

Automatic transmission

Here, the switch from one gear level to the other happens automatically. If there’s an issue with this type, you may observe that your vehicle becomes shaky on switching gears. We fix this.

Manual transmission

If your vehicle has a manual transmission, you’d need the gear shift to switch gears. This allows you a lot more control. Many people believe that this makes driving more enjoyable. Issues in this system may cause it to grind as you shift. Fixing manual transmission is our superpower!

Four-wheel drive transmission

For a 4 X 4 vehicle, power is distributed among 4 wheels. 4 X 4 vehicles come with a more interesting transmission system consisting of two pairs of axles, two differential gears, and one transfer case. Any of these may breakdown. Expertly handling this is our forte.

Front-wheel drive transmission

With this kind, power from the engine is distributed equally between only the two front wheels. After the faulty component is detected, it is then repaired. Transmission repair services may involve minor or major activities. With a fine eye for details, your auto repairer can pick the most minute transmission problems.

automatic transmission repair
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The benefits of Transmission Repair and Replacement

Top-Notch Advisory

We are in the best to offer quality advice on the best transmission repair products. We help select products that are suited for your vehicle and budget.

Keeps Your Car in Top Shape

Transmission repair services get your automobile back in top shape. You’ll enjoy smoother rides, better fuel efficiency, and generally less motor trouble. Also, professional services prolong the lifespan of your automobile. We make those car loans worthwhile.

Reduces The Frequency of Breakdowns

You’ll get maintenance alongside so that you can prevent a new breakdown. Of course, catching an issue in the early stages will prevent more serious breakdowns.

Saves You Time, Energy, and Unnecessary Costs

No one likes car trouble. You will agree that it can cost you time, energy, and a lot of money to deal with breakdowns. Worse still, a transmission problem may lead to an accident causing bodily harm or damage to your vehicle. Spare yourself all of this by going for prompt repairs.

A Professional Touch

With professional transmission repair, you would expect that no ‘maybes’ are entertained. The issue should be crisp and clear before ‘treatment’ is commenced. You should expect a fine-eye for details as the smallest faults can wreak havoc. As auto repairers, we can handle all sorts of vehicles; big, small, automatic, or manual. There’s no need to dump it in your garage. We’d love to see it!


We have the latest gadgets in the industry. You’ll probably not find this kind of stuff in your home hardware box. This is not the time for DIYs or practicing stuff from video tutorials! Auto repairers continuously update knowledge and stay in line with the industry’s best practices. We determine by sheer experience and knowledge, what kind of services your vehicles require. Why replace when you can repair?


Why repair when it’s beyond redemption? We are to make sure that you don’t waste money and time. If your transmission system does need a replacement, it’s best done by the experts.

transmission repair and replacement


This depends on the exact equipment in question. However, the general principle applies to all boom and bucket truck types.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection of all accessible areas of the equipment is a must. These accessible areas include components such as the outriggers, chassis, pedestal, bearings, booms, elbow turntable, and other general components.

Emission (AE) Test

Once the visual inspection is completed, a test of the fibreglass and steel structures must be performed. The accepted industry method for testing these is with an Acoustic Emission (AE) Test.


Magnetic Particle Inspection

This is designed to identify surface cracks on ferrous material. All critical components of the equipment made of such material must be tested with this method.

Dye Penetrant Inspection

This is also used to identify cracks on surfaces. However, these surfaces are made of non-ferrous materials.

Ultrasonic Inspection

This a specialized testing method that can detect flaws in critical pins. It saves the inspector from having to remove too many pins by providing a more efficient means of testing them ultrasonically.

Torque Testing

This finds hidden issues with the manufacturing of your equipment. It’s suited for critical fasteners in certain areas of the machinery such as the bearing, swing gearbox, mountings, and boom connections.


Transmission Repair 

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