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Differential Repair

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Differential Repair
Car Differential Repair

Differential Repair & Replacement

What’s so important about a vehicle’s differential?

Rear-end repair. Sounds funny, but if you suddenly find yourself in need of car differential repair, then it’s not so funny. There are many parts of the car you never think about –until they break. The differential is a good example of that.


If your vehicle makes a groaning noise each time you take a turn, or a rumble accompanied by vibrations on the road, it could be your ride letting you know that your rear differential on its way out. The rear differential makes it possible two tires on the same axle to move in the same direction but at different speeds. This allows your vehicle’s wheels to keep the same amount of grip while turning. When you turn to the left for example, the wheel on the left side has to turn slower than the wheel on the right side. The differential makes this happen. 


On rear-wheel-drive vehicles, there is only a rear differential. On AWD or 4WD vehicles, there is typically a front differential as well. Some AWD vehicles such as Subarus have a complex differential transmission in the front and a conventional differential in the rear.


No matter how simple or complex they are, differentials are an essential part of your vehicle’s drive train.

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If you’re looking for broken differential repair, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your differential is just starting to wear out or has actually failed, on nearly any vehicle you can imagine, we can help!

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Differential Service & Inspection

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Common signs it’s time for a differential service

When your rear or front differential starts to have trouble, you can usually hear or feel it. Common signs of differential trouble include a whirring noise when changing speed, rumbling noises that change when turning, clunking when moving from a stop, and steady vibrations that increase with speed.


If you notice leaks coming from underneath the back of your vehicle, this is usually a sign of a rear differential leak. Front differential leaks can be hard to tell apart from leaks from the engine, but if you do see leaks, it’s time to bring your car in.

Common differential problems

If you can catch differential leaks early, a mechanic can replace the differential seals, replace the differential fluid, and the differential will be no worse for wear.  Regular differential oil replacement at the manufacturer’s specified interval is essential for keeping the differential working. As fluid ages, it begins to break down. As the fluid breaks down, the differential can suffer from a lack of lubrication and become damaged.


If more significant damage has already occurred, your mechanic can perform repairs on the broken parts of the differential. Worn bearings can cause wobbling or whirring noises. Replacement bearings usually eliminate these issues. Damaged or worn-out gears in your differential can be the culprit of grinding noises. Depending on the model of differential, this can be a more expensive repair, best left to an expert mechanic. If the differential gears are completely worn, often it can be more economical to choose a complete differential replacement.

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The benefits of differential repair

Peace of Mind

Most manufacturers recommend your differential get serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. With proper maintenance, your differential should keep you trouble-free, and keep you from needing costly repairs in the future. 


It’s dangerous to drive with a damaged differential. A slipping differential can cause the tires to lose traction. In a worst-case scenario, the rear differential could jam, preventing the rear wheels from turning at all. If this were to happen while driving, it could cause an accident.

Save Money

A dragging differential can force the engine to work harder, burning more fuel, robbing you of gas mileage. Not only that, but your tires could wear out more quickly. Getting your differential repaired can put money back in your pocket.


Customers often wonder how complicated differential repair is. The answer depends on the issue.  There are many different types of potential repairs since differentials have so many components. A well-maintained differential requires only routine fluid changes to keep it happy. A differential that has experienced damage due to fluid loss can require major servicing. These repairs range from bearing or gear replacement up to complete differential replacement.

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Different types of differentials

Differential Repair

What kind of differential do I have?

There are three types of differentials commonly in use today.


  • The Open Differential is the most common type found on the road today. It’s relatively simple and preferred for its low cost.  However, it can slip under heavy loads, making it fine for most vehicles on the road, but an unpopular choice for off-road and performance vehicles.


  • The Limited-Slip Differential or LSD for short is very similar to the Open Differential. Unlike a standard differential, the LSD comes with an integrated clutch system. This system allows the left and right wheels to lock in the event of a sudden loss of traction. This design is ideal for performance vehicles and off-roaders.


  • The Torque-Vectoring Differential is the latest innovation in differentials. Although very similar to an LSD, a Torque-Vectoring Differential uses electronic sensors to adjust the level of torque going to the wheels depending on road conditions. Not only does this increase performance, but safety as well.


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