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Is the kingpin in your truck broken or damaged? Are you unsure of what the problem is, but you notice that your steering system is acting weird? It may be time for a kingpin repair or a kingpin replacement. At TLC, our expert technicians will quickly and accurately diagnose the issue you’re experiencing. Read below for more information on kingpins, and when it’s time to have yours inspected.

What Is A Kingpin?

When talking in terms of a motor vehicle, a kingpin is the part that is the main pivot point in the steering mechanics. Though physical kingpins aren’t in many motor vehicles anymore, they are still used in mechanics of some trucks and heavier vehicles, because they are able to carry so much weight.

Physical vs. Virtual Kingpins

Though many current-era automobile front suspension uses a physical kingpin, the axis made up of steering knuckle pivot points acts as the “virtual” kingpin. This is the spot upon which the wheel turns.

What Is A Kingpin Made Of?

The material kingpins are made out of depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Examples of the specific material that kingpins may be made out of include alloy steels like:

  • AISI 8630, OR
  • AISI 4320

When Do You Need A Kingpin Repair or Kingpin Replacement?

Possible signs that your kingpin may need repair include:

  • Incorrect vehicle alignment
  • Premature/uneven tire wear
  • Shaking cab/steering wheel

If you are having any of these issues (or any other issues with your truck for that matter), it is imperative that you have a professional look at it and determine a diagnosis.

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Are Worn Kingpins Dangerous?

The short answer is, yes. Without proper lubrication, kingpin bushings can cause contact points to wear at the steering knuckle. When a kingpin is not in working condition, it can be very dangerous to drive your vehicle. Further damage may be incurred to your vehicle without a proper diagnosis/repair.

How Long Do Kingpins Generally Last?

In general, kingpins have a lifespan of about 750,000 miles. With good maintenance, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need a kingpin replacement more than once in your truck’s lifetime.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Kingpins?

A kingpin replacement generally takes 6-8 hours.

Why Choose Our Kingpin Repair Services?

Finding someone to trust your vehicle with when it comes to inspections and repairs is a big deal. We understand that a low-quality fix is more than just bad workmanship, it can be the difference between getting into an accident, and driving safely. We don’t take that lightly. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality repairs and the highest possible satisfaction of our customers. That why we are:

...Accepting Of All Makes And Models

We accept all makes and models when it comes to kingpin truck repair or kingpin truck replacement. If you have any doubts about whether we can service your specific make and model, just give us a call.

...Kingpin Repair Services You Can Trust

Too often, we see poorly “rebuilt” kingpins that only provide a temporary quick fix kingpin truck repair. At TLC, we believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity and quality workmanship, which is reflected in our customer’s reviews.

...Offering Quality Inspections And Repairs

When one of our skilled technicians performs a repair, they will also examine the knuckle eyes for wear. We know that a simple kingpin replacement set overlooks the worn knuckle eyes that give the it just enough play to erode holes faster than normal. One of our trained specialists can in-line bore and sleeve knuckle holes for a precise fit and give your kingpin set a full life. This will save you time, money, and frustration, and who doesn’t want that?

...Accepting Walk-Ins and Online Scheduling

Checking the condition of your kingpins regularly is important to the safety of your rig. If it is worn out, the stability of your entire vehicle is compromised. If it is so worn out that repair is not an option, keep in mind that we do whole kingpin replacements as well, where we fit an entirely new piece. Don’t compromise on safety for yourself or others on the road. Drop by our shop in Farmingdale or schedule an online appointment today!

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