Suspension Service

Suspension Service

For the leading suspension and steering repair near or around Farmingdale, NY, choose TLC Auto & Truck Center. Repairing is our passion so you can be confident that our auto mechanics are ready, willing, and able to provide first-class suspension and steering repairs.


Suspension Service and Maintenance

Suspension and steering repair is crucial when you feel something might be off. Our highly-educated ASE-Certified auto mechanics will go over your concerns and keep you aware of the progress every step of the way. TLC Auto & Truck Center in Farmingdale, NY understands the real connections that automobile has with their vehicles. At times, cars even feel like an extension of ourselves. Rest assured that the best in the business is handling your suspension and steering repair.

Suspension Systems

Your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Steering and suspension are what make your vehicle behave with Balance, stability and smoothness and are very important to the safe operation of your vehicle. It is what’s responsible for keeping your wheels firmly intact with the ground and plays a part in keeping your vehicle from veering (pulling) to one side of the road. A properly maintained suspension system helps support your vehicle’s weight and keeps your tires in contact with the road for better safety and traction.

We Accept All Makes & Models

Accepting Walk-ins and Online Scheduling

We offer a full line of services geared toward truck suspension systems and trailer suspension systems. From leaf spring replacement to air suspension overhaul, we can service, repair, or rebuild suspension components for all types of trucks. Give us a call today to schedule for suspension services.