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Bucket Truck Repair & Maintenance

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Bucket Truck Repair & Maintenance (Versalift)

What to do when you need a bucket truck repair service

If you use a bucket truck for work, you’ll need regular maintenance to stay safe. Otherwise, delaying bucket truck repair service increases the risk of an accident, and you may cause serious injuries or damage property.

For those who aren’t so familiar with bucket trucks, they go by different names, but all refer to the same basic type of utility vehicle.

A few popular names are:

  • Cherry picker
  • Aerial work platform (AWP)
  • Basket crane
  • Boom lift

Generally, these work vehicles are rugged and consist of a hydraulic boom. The boom extends a man-sized bucket up, down, and side-to-side.


Construction workers, utility technicians, and even first responders use these types of trucks every day.

Since these trucks are so popular, they experience all types of maintenance issues, from bad hydraulic systems to fractured boom cranes and bad wiring.

Here’s how you know that it’s time to take your bucket truck to a shop.

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Common signs a bucket truck needs a mechanic

The whole point of a bucket or boom truck is to lift a man to hard-to-reach places, most often to perform some kind of hazardous task like repairs to telecommunication infrastructure after a storm.

So a failure in the aerial boom can be catastrophic if you don’t take maintenance seriously and have the vehicle checked regularly.

Look out for the following signs if you think you need to visit a repair shop:

  • Aerial boom moves slowly then stalls
  • Milky hydraulic fluid leaking from hoses and fittings
  • Corrosion or physical damage to the aerial boom’s fiberglass
  • Loud grinding noises while operating
  • Aerial boom lurches and jerks while moving

If you notice any of these problems, put safety first, and get your bucket truck repaired soon.

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Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

Why is reliable Boom truck repair so important?

Versalift Bucket Trucks

You don’t want to take any unnecessary risks when you’re suspended several stories in the air for an extended period. Unless you’re very familiar with hydraulic repair and electrical systems, iit’s probably not the best call to try to repair a bucket truck on your own.

There are many brands of bucket trucks on the market, but Versalift ranks among the most popular due to its quality and reliability. To do the right thing and put safety first, you have to perform Versalift bucket truck maintenance after a certain period.

Versalift manufacturer’s tip: Inspect and maintain your bucket truck at least once every three months or after 250 hours of service.

This rule of thumb also applies to most other manufacturers, but when in doubt, contact a knowledgeable mechanic when problems begin to surface.

Common mechanical malfunctions

There are innumerable ways that a bucket truck can breakdown. Some issues are easier to diagnose than others, but the good news is that an experienced mechanic knows what to look for.

Among many other possibilities, the most common ways that a bucket truck can malfunction are:

  • Hydraulic pump cavitation
  • Dirty return-line filters
  • Water mixing in with hydraulic fluid
  • Short-circuited or dead electrical components
  • Worn out valves or cylinder seals
  • Pump repair
  • Fiberglass bucket repair
  • Crane repair
  • ANSI inspection services
  • Dielectric testing
  • Reconditioning
  • Rebuilds and remounts

These are five of the most common failures, but as always, any component can break after extended use.

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What are the benefits of a bucket truck repair service?

Having a serviceable, smoothly running bucket truck provides peace of mind. The hydraulic components in these trucks are as intricate and sensitive as any other machine, and they require expertise to fix the right way.

Even a used bucket truck is an expensive machine. Some businesses consider them investments in the future and care for them accordingly.

When you keep a bucket truck operating in top condition, you’ll spend less on maintenance over the life span of your vehicle.

Versalift products have a reputation for quality, so it takes a knowledgeable shop to do Versalift bucket truck repair jobs. Sometimes a truck needs a full rebuild or a remount, so it’s smart to work alongside a shop that specializes in this particular brand.

Also, if you think you might need a full Versalift bucket truck replacement, having your vehicle looked at by pros can save you the cost of getting a new truck.

You gain peace of mind when you can count on a knowledgeable mechanic who knows hydraulics and auto electronics.

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What can I say.. these guys are the best in the diesel truck repair business that I've found. I own several Ram Diesel Tow Trucks and they have kept us running without fail and for a very fair price. Thanks guys, you'll always be my 'go-to' for my trucks!

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