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aerial lift repair
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Importance of Aerial Lift Repair

Why is aerial lift repair important?

Aerial lifts are impressive pieces of equipment. In order to keep these machines in working order, constant repairs, inspections, and maintenance are needed. This ensures the safety of any workers using aerial lifts, and helps prevent catastrophic failure. 

Without regular repair, your aerial lift will cease to function, or cause more danger to your worksite than it does help. Signs of aerial lift damage include cracked welds, chipped paint, creaking noises, or obvious signs of fluid leaks. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to schedule an aerial lift repair.

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TLC Auto & Truck has been around since 1991, so we’ve had thirty years to build our reputation. Our customers love us because we’re experienced, quality oriented, honest, and reliable. You will too.


When it's time to repair your aerial lift, we offer comprehensive servicing.

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Aerial Lift Inspection

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Aerial Lift Repair

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Aerial Lift Maintenance

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Give us a call, we are happy to assist you.


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Are you in need of an aerial lift repair?

It’s always a good idea to bring your aerial lift in for maintenance before it needs repairs. If you’ve got obvious damage or concerning signs like cracking and creaking, don’t wait: schedule an aerial lift repair ASAP.

Aerial lift damage warning signs include:

  • Creaking or grinding noises: While lifts are far from silent operators as far as machines go if your aerial lift is making new creaking or grinding noises, it’s time to schedule maintenance.
  • Bent or broken connections: If the cage or lift shoes bent or broken welds or connections, you should take the lift out of commission and schedule a repair ASAP. 
  • Weak welds with cracks: Welds can break down over time. If you notice cracking or flaking around key welds, it’s time to schedule a repair. 
  • Hydraulic leaks: If the hydraulic system is leaking, your lift may be on its way to total failure. Any fluid pooling around the lift is a sign of a serious issue that needs repair.
  • Electrical start issues: Refusal to start, delayed starts, or stopping without warning could all indicate an electrical issue. 


These are only a few of the potential problems that can affect aerial lifts. If you notice your lift acting strange, take it out of commission immediately and schedule a repair visit. Even small issues can become catastrophic when working with aerial lifts, so always schedule a repair if you notice anything off.

Why is aerial lift repair so important?

Aerial lifts are useful but dangerous equipment that needs proper repair and maintenance. Ensuring your lift is in peak condition not only ensures your next job goes smoothly, but it’s a required part of workplace safety. 


Without proper repair, aerial lift damage can increase workplace hazards including fall danger, injury danger, and malfunction chance. Thankfully, at TLC Auto & Truck Repair, we offer comprehensive aerial lift repair services. With proper maintenance, your aerial lift should last for years to come. 

aerial lift repair and maintenance
maintenance service aerial lift

What's the benefit of Aerial Lift Repair

ANSI & OSHA Requirements

By keeping up with aerial lift inspections and repairs, you’re keeping up with national safety standards.

prevent failure

Catching small problems before they become big ones saves you from replacing your aerial lifts entirely.

Saves money

A small repair done right can save you time and money replacing costly equipment.


Knowing your equipment was repaired correctly can increase workplace confidence and help you avoid catastrophic delays.

Aerial Lift Maintenance

Don’t let aerial lift damage sneak up on you. Not only is getting your aerial lifts routinely repaired part of maintaining your fleet, but scheduling regular maintenance can help you avoid costly delays and intensive repairs. 


To keep your aerial lifts in working order, conduct pre-start inspections each time the lift is used, and make sure to schedule regular maintenance at our location. Regular maintenance can stave off serious damage and help keep your aerial lift in working order.

aerial lift repair service


Aerial Lift

Get your aerial lift repaired ASAP

Have you been experiencing any of these issues with your aerial lift? TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center is here to help! We are a family-owned shop that has been in operation since 1991, and we’d be happy to help repair your lift.

Stop in today at 230 NY-109 in Farmingdale, NY, or call us at (631) 201-5755 to discuss if you need an aerial lift repair.


Don’t compromise on safety for yourself or others on the road. Drop by our shop, schedule an online appointment today or give us a call


How much does aerial lift repair cost?

Aerial lift repair varies in cost depending on the extent of the damage. If you have questions about aerial lift repair, be sure to contact our location. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

How long does aerial lift repair take?

Aerial lift repair can only take a few hours, or may take longer. The length of the repair depends on the extent of the damage. Routine maintenance can cut down on the length of these repairs and stave off serious damage.

Can TLC Auto & Truck Repair do aerial lift inspections?

Yes, TLC Auto & Truck Repair provides annual ANSI and OSHA-required inspections for aerial lifts, bucket trucks, and more. If you’re interested in scheduling an annual aerial lift inspection, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you.

What are the signs its time for aerial lift maintenance?

Signs that it’s time for aerial lift maintenance can vary. For example, signs of wear-and-tear and cracking along the joints are a cause for concern. Any leaking fluids can also signal it’s time for a repair. If you notice your aerial lift refusing to start or experiencing control drift, contact us ASAP.


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