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Fuel Line Repair

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fuel lines car
fuel lines car

Gas Fuel Line Repair Repair, Replacement, Maintenance & Service

Why you need an Gas Fuel Line Repair?

Does your car smell like gasoline, no matter how much you air it out? Are you finding pesky fuel puddles in your garage? You might have a leaking gasoline fuel line somewhere in your engine. A bad fuel hose can prevent your car from starting or running efficiently, and there are a number of symptoms your car will exhibit before it stops running. If your car begins to perform differently than before or fails to start, you should get your vehicle looked at by a mechanic who can track down that leaky fuel line.


Fuel lines are the rubber hoses that carry fuel from your gas tank to your engine so you can start and run your vehicle properly. If a hose dries out and cracks, it can begin to leak. Sometimes, these leaks can be very small, and other times, they can spew gasoline. Both create a risk for an engine fire, like our writer experienced with their 1988 Dodge van. If you suspect a leaking fuel line, do not drive as you can risk starting a fire in your engine.

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Gas Fuel Line Repair Service

If you’re looking for broken fuel line repair service, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your gas fuel line is just starting to fail or has actually failed, on nearly any vehicle you can imagine, we can help!

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Fuel Line Repair

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Common Symptoms of a Busted Gas Fuel Line

If your fuel lines are aging and need replacement, your car will likely smell like gas. If this happens, make sure to pop the hood and make sure nothing is visibly or audibly leaking. Keep an eye out for a puddle of fuel under your car, lower gas mileage than usual or a rough idle.


If you suspect a fuel leak, avoid driving your car as much as possible and get it into an auto shop ASAP. A fuel leak can cause engine fires and expose you to carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. Get your fuel lines serviced as soon as you suspect something is wrong.


You can learn more about how to troubleshoot your vehicle here, or better yet, leave it to the professionals at TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center.

How does the shop replace your bad fuel line(s)?

When you take your vehicle to a mechanic for a gas fuel line repair, they will spend some time diagnosing the issue before tracking down the leaky fuel line(s). After removing the defective fuel hose, they’ll install a new one and run the engine to check for any remaining leaks. It seems simple, but this job is best left to the professionals. Tracking down that leaky line can be tricky, and dealing with combustible fluids and sparks can be dangerous!


Fortunately, this repair is relatively inexpensive as compared to other things that could go wrong with your car’s engine. Small patchwork repairs range between $30 and $60, but a full fuel line replacement can be up to $1200. If you have a good mechanic, you’ll rarely pay that much for a fuel line repair, because they should be able to find and replace it within a couple of hours.

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Investments in the Future

New fuel lines will ensure your car stays running well in the coming months. With the right parts and care, your vehicle will be more reliable. Think of it this way: your investment in TLC Auto is an investment in you and your car’s future!

Spend less

When you keep your car in good shape, you’ll be able to save on maintenance. You’re also less likely to wear out other related parts if your vehicle’s systems are running correctly. Regular servicing is preventative care for your car!

Peace of mind

Getting your gas fuel lines replaced by professionals can save you the trips to and from the parts store, as well as avoid the many possible errors in part purchases, installation and proper functioning of the whole system. Leave it to the professionals!

Gas Fuel Line Repair

While you can sometimes safely replace a fuel line on your own with some basic tools, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Paying for the service to be done right can be a life-saver in the most literal of ways. If you replace the line incorrectly or miss another leak while you’re investigating, this can lead to more issues in the future.


It’s also important to make sure the components of your fuel system are functioning correctly. This includes your fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors and carburetor (if your car has them), and the catalytic converter. These parts all work together to move gas from the gas tank to the engine so the spark can ignite it and get your engine running.


If a mechanic finds any other fuel system issues while they’re replacing a fuel line, they will give you a call and update you on the state of your engine. Depending on which parts your mechanic needs to repair or replace, a fuel system service could take anywhere from an hour for a fuel line replacement to a few hours if they find a faulty fuel pump, fuel filter or carburetor issue.

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Gas Fuel Line


Making sure you keep the parts in your fuel system up to date and in working condition is crucial to the proper functioning of your vehicle. Fuel system repairs can be expensive, but we only do them if it’s absolutely necessary.


Regardless of the issue(s), TLC Auto will communicate with you before servicing your vehicle. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands, and that you get to make all the calls!


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