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Ford is an American automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Michigan, Detroit. Ever since it was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, the company has gone on to do great things in the automobile industry.

With a revenue of over $127 billion and about 4.2 million vehicles sold to dealers and distributors worldwide, you can infer just how much impact the brand has on the industry.

On the subject of numbers, with millions of units sold, Ford has a lot of vehicles and trucks of different makes and models out there. This brings us to the issue of Ford repairs.

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Ford Maintenance and Repairs

It’s important to either find a Ford dealer or a qualified auto repair shop for your Ford. For basic Ford maintenance, expect to have the following services or more performed:

Oil changes

Replacement of worn parts such as wiper blades

Multi-point inspection

Tire rotation

Brake pad services

Engine services

Spark plugs services.

ford auto problems

As for repairs, they are generally more unpredictable. With most Fords, it could be any of the following:

A damaged alternator

Faulty airflow sensors

A faulty clutch cable

Windshield wiper replacement

Door mirror replacement

Wheel bearing replacement

Alternator repair.

The repair cost will depend on the extent of damage, the type of engine, the vehicles make and model, and your location.

Reliable Truck, Reliable Auto Repair Shop

These two must be balanced for you to enjoy your truck. Ford trucks usually provide excellent handling, climbing, towing, off-roading, and general driving experiences.

They are built to be durable. However, your ford truck is bound to break down at some point. Here, you must know who to call or where to turn to in such instances.

At TLC Auto and Truck Repair, we’ve got certified technicians who can take care of your Ford truck and handle any necessary repairs and replacement.

With over 30 years of experience in the auto repair business, we’ve learned all the ropes of handling Ford trucks and delivering high-quality Ford truck repair to drivers in our community and beyond.

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What can I say.. these guys are the best in the diesel truck repair business that I've found. I own several Ram Diesel Tow Trucks and they have kept us running without fail and for a very fair price. Thanks guys, you'll always be my 'go-to' for my trucks!

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How to Handle Your Ford Truck Repairs

Knowing where to go in the event of an issue with your Ford truck is important. But that’s not all that matters. You’ve got to play your part in the handling of your truck.

Firstly, don’t let things get so bad. You should never ignore any signs of issues with your truck.

Ford trucks are tough. They can handle a lot, still, their life span and overall performance depend on the level of maintenance services and the quality of repairs they receive.

There are several different Ford trucks out there. To better discuss the topic of repairs, we’ll be using one of the most popular ones – the Ford F-150. With this model, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a simple work truck or a great and luxury towing rig, you’ll definitely find something suitable among the F-150 models. Little wonder they are one of the most beloved truck models in the country.

From small businesses to large construction companies and even families, the F-150 is a popular choice for full-size pickup trucks.

This is probably due to its durability and sleek look. However, it’s known to have some mechanical issues occasionally.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these issues.

Ford F-150 Common Issues

ford truck service and repair

1. Spark Plug Gap Resulting in Ignition Coil Failure

The ignition coils transfer power from the F-150’s battery to the spark plugs to ignite fuel. That said, they are very important in the running of a vehicle.

Worn spark plugs force them to work much harder. Also, as the spark plugs wear out, the gaps become wider forcing the ignition coils to provide a higher voltage just to bridge the gap.

The extra work and strain on the coils could lead to a voltage overload and eventual overheating and failure.

Signs of an ignition coil failure include:

Engine misfiring

Rough idling

Loss of power

Failure of the car to start

The check engine light coming on.

Fortunately, this F-150 issue can be resolved by replacing the failed ignition coils and spark plugs.

2. Rough Engine Idling

Despite its large size, the F-150 engine should still idle smoothly. However, an issue such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) could cause rough engine handling.

Here, the malfunctioning problem could result in the EGR valve not closing properly, thereby affecting idling.

To repair this, your auto repair technician will have to replace the EGR sensor and valve.

3. Brake Pad and Rotor Wear

A truck with faulty brakes has no business being on the road. Consider this an emergency and opt for immediate repairs or replacement.

For the F-150, you should have the brake pads inspected every 25,000 miles or whenever you go in for a rotation.

If they are worn out, you might have to replace them, otherwise, they could last for up to 75,000 miles depending on your driving style and the road conditions.

4. Head Gasket Oil Leak

F-150s seem to always have this issue. Most times, it’s a result of a blown valve cover gasket. Other times, it could be from the threads of the engine oil pressure sensor.

The head gasket oil leak is rather common and presents as an oil leak from the belly of the truck.

You can prevent this from happening by performing frequent car maintenance checks and services.

If it does happen, find a Ford auto repair shop near you and go in for repairs and replacement.

5. Spark Plug Injection from Cylinder Head

This is a common issue for the V8 F-150. When the spark plug is ejected from the cylinder head, it often results in damage to the spark plug hole threads.

According to Ford, the best fix for this issue is a cylinder replacement, however, a thread insert repair could suffice.

These repairs vary in cost depending on the exact service required and the Ford truck repair shop in question.

ford truck repair service in nyc

Generally, the following pricing should give you an idea of what to expect with your Ford truck repairs and replacements:

Ignition coil repairs – up to $700.

Cylinder head gasket replacement – $1,400 to $1,500

Head gasket leak repair – $300 to $400.

EGR sensor and valve replacement – $300 to $400.

Brake pad and rotor replacement – $350 to $750.

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With the F-150 and all Ford trucks in general, any service repairs or replacements must be handled by qualified automobile technicians.

At TLC Auto and Truck Repair, Ford trucks of all models, as well as Ford Diesel repair, can be expertly handled by us.

To visit our Ford Repair Center, reach out to us at TLC Auto and Truck Repair or call (631) 201-5755 for more information.

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