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Sprinter Repair

Sprinter Repair & Replacement

Why Is Sprinter Van Upkeep Important?

Getting your Sprinter van serviced by a professional ensures you get the best service possible and allows an experienced technician to catch problems early. Whether you have a used Sprinter van, an RV conversion, or use the vehicle in the workplace, our trained technicians can repair and upkeep any Sprinter van. 

Sprinter vans are great vehicles. However, when it comes time to repair your Sprinter van going to an experienced technician is important for the longevity of your vehicle. If you want your repairs done right, TLC Auto & Truck is here for you.

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TLC Auto & Truck has been around since 1991, so we’ve had thirty years to build our reputation. Our customers love us because we’re experienced, quality oriented, honest, and reliable. You will too.

Sprinter Repair Services

Here are some of the most common Sprinter van problems and how our TLC Auto & Truck team can help.

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Leaks & Ruptures

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Unknown Noises & Problems

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Failures & Breaks

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Van Repair Sprinter

Does Your Sprinter Need Repair?

Is your Sprinter in need of repair? Sometimes the signs of damage can be obvious, but other times like in the case of the dreaded “starts left” countdown, the issue can come out of nowhere. Thankfully, our trained technicians can help with a whole host of Sprinter issues. Some common Sprinter issues and their fixes:

  • Air Leak in Turbo Resonator: This leak is caused by an O-ring around the turbo resonator and requires replacement.
  • Oil Cooler Leak: This costly repair requires an assessment of the entire oil line and the removal of several parts to access the oil cooler gasket, which is the most likely thing to leak on a Sprinter van with a V6 engine. 
  • Intercooler Hose Leaking: When a fitting on the intercooler hose starts cracking, it can lead to leaks, which can put your Sprinter van into “limp mode” immediately. 
  • DEF Heater Failure: This heater is responsible for keeping the diesel emission fluid (DEM) from freezing, and it’s crucial to get it fixed in cold temperatures. It can also cause a “check engine light” problem. 
  • Glow Plug Failure: Glow plugs help raise the ignition temperature to the right levels for diesel-powered cars. When these plugs fail, it’s time for a simple replacement.
  • Broken Exhaust Flex Pipe: Sometimes, the exhaust flex pipe on certain models of Sprinter vans can break without warning, leading to a “starts left” countdown or exhaust leak issues, which require repair. 
  • Clogged DPF: If you purchase the wrong oil for your Sprinter, your vehicle cannot properly burn off the particles, leading to a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) clog that requires service.
  • Limp Mode: If you drive your Sprinter to its limits, “limp mode” may engage to protect the engine. This mode engages when the “check engine light” comes on and can be a sign of underlying problems that need repair. 
  • Torque Converter (“Rumble Strip” Noise): If your Sprinter van feels like you’re driving on a rumble strip on a flat road, you may have a torque converter (TC) problem. This requires rebuilding the TC from the ground up with heavy-duty parts. 
  • Injector Issue (“Black Death”): This terrifying-sounding issue happens when a copper seal ring in the injector and cylinder head is improperly put back or erodes. The resulting black tar build-up requires careful removal and correct sealing.  
  • Start of “Starts Left” Countdown: If your Sprinter starts the “starts left” program on the dashboard, it’s crucial to get to a repair shop ASAP before running out of starts. This signals a problem that will cause your Sprinter to stop starting entirely once the countdown ends, so don’t wait to get this checked out!

Why Should You Get Your Sprinter Van Repaired by a Professional?

Sprinter vans are fantastic vehicles that have specific common problems. Mechanics familiar with Sprinter vans know the exact places to look for issues common to a make and year of Sprinter. This means you spend less on work hours than you would with an inexperienced mechanic digging around for the problem. Thanks to our experience with Sprinter vans, we can make the repairs in no time flat, saving your time and money and getting you back on the road in no time. 

Repair Service Sprinter Van
Repair Sprinter Van

The benefits of Sprinter repair

Less Cost

Experienced Sprinter van mechanics can spend less time hunting down a problem and more time actively repairing your vehicle, saving you time and money and ensuring you get back on the road ASAP.

Less Searching

Mechanics familiar with Sprinter vans know where to look for common problems. Instead of searching your entire oil line, they’ll go right for your vehicle’s most common valve failure spot, allowing you to get quick, reliable repairs.

Quick Solutions

Experience speeds up the entire repair process, allowing our technicians to identify problems and move on to solutions in virtually no time.

Reliable Repairs

Working with the experts means you can get reliable repairs for your Sprinter van that you can trust. There are no cobbled-together half-solutions here: just great repair work at a price you can afford.

Sprinter Van Upkeep

If you’re looking to get your Sprinter van serviced, our team can help. We know what to check in these vehicles, so you can rest assured you’re getting top-notch service. Not only do we perform routine checks and maintenance, but we can also catch problems like the “Black Death” before they build up, saving you a headache (and repair).

Sprinter Van Repair Service

When to Contact Us

Sprinter Repair

Why Sprinter Van Repair Is Important

Sprinter vans are incredible vehicles that are so versatile, it’s important to keep them in top condition. If you’re looking for Sprinter van repairs, we’re the team for you. At TLC Auto & Truck, we have decades of experience (since 1991) and are ready to serve you. Stop in today at 230 NY-109 in Farmingdale, NY, or give us a call at (631) 201-5755 to set up an appointment today.


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My Sprinter van sounds like a rumble strip. What could cause this problem?

If your Sprinter van suddenly sounds (and feels) like it’s on a rumble strip, it’s time to make a repair appointment. This issue is caused by torque converter (TC) issues. Repair involves rebuilding the TC, and ensuring it’s made to last.

Do Sprinter vans run into unique problems due to their diesel engines?

Because Sprinter vans run on diesel, they have some problems unique to diesel vehicles. This includes things like the failure of the diesel particulate filter (DPF). If you suspect your Sprinter is having issues, visit a repair shop as soon as possible to address the problem.

Are Sprinter vans reliable?

While we’ve discussed many of their problems here, Sprinter vans are reliable. Like any vehicle, they have certain weak points that may require repair. However, at TLC Auto & Truck, we’re here to keep your Sprinter van running in top condition for a long time.

My Sprinter van started a “starts left” countdown. What should I do?

The “starts left” counter is a sure sign it’s time for a repair. Try to get your vehicle to our location as soon as possible and with as many starts as possible. This can reduce the complexity of your repairs and give our mechanics more room to work with.

Are Sprinter van repairs expensive?

Some Sprinter van repairs (like glow plug repairs) are quite cheap. However, major repairs like a serious oil leak can be expensive. If you have questions about service costs, give us a call at (631) 201-5755.


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