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Trailer Inspections

Trailer Inspections

When you haul trailer, you know that your job is not only important, but that it needs to have an element of safety to it! Here at TLC Auto & Truck Center, we offer a variety of services that are available to you to keep your truck and trailer running safely, and one of these services is trailer inspections.


Hit the road in confidence and safety with our trailer inspections.

Trailer inspections are important for any driver. Without them, things can go very wrong very quickly! In addition to finding yourself potentially responsible for lost or damaged cargo, you might be creating road hazards for those behind you or hazards for your own safety as well. Our trailer inspections ensure that your trailer will be ready to go for your next trip to be a successful one.

At TLC, our trailer inspection includes a wide variety of inspection areas such as the doors, brakes, wiring, tires, and floors of your trailer. We will carefully and thoroughly comb over these areas looking for signs of problems and repairs that are needed so that when you are ready to hit the road again, you can do so in full confidence knowing your trailer inspections were done by the best of Long Island.


Trailer Inspections

Trailer Inspection Services

If you are in need of trailer inspections, truck inspections, engine diagnostics or a wide variety of other services, come and see or experts here at TLC Auto & Truck Center. We look forward to helping you!

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