New York Auto Insurance Requirements

New York State Car Insurance Requirements

New York Auto Insurance Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide for Drivers Just like every other state in the U.S.A., New York has specific requirements for drivers living in the area. By taking the time to understand these requirements, you’ll make your drives safer and more legally compliant. You’ll also avoid the financial and practical consequences of […]

NY Electric Vehicle Incentives

electric vehicle incentives ny

NY Electric Vehicle Incentives The vibrant city of New York boasts over 2M registered cars, but that will change soon with electric vehicle (EVs) incentives. The state has joined others like Alabama, Wisconsin, and Ohio to provide those wishing to own EVs with thousands of tax advantages, rebates, and offers. And to show its commitment […]

Best Auto Repair Shops in Long Island 2023

Best Auto Repair Shops in Long Island 2023 1

Top Mechanics Long Island Auto repair is something that any car, truck, or RV owner will inevitably have to go through at one time or another. Engine parts, brakes, and tires wear down over time, and regular maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Then there are those nightmare scenarios that no one […]

5 Commercial Truck Parking Locations In Long Island NY

Long island ny commercial truck parking

PLEASE NOTE: We’re NOT Offering Truck Parking!  5 Best Commercial Truck Parking Locations in Long Island, NY Parking a commercial truck in a busy place like Long Island can be stressful. There are not many locations that can handle this kind of parking need. Additionally, if you have items to unload, you will probably need […]

NYS License Cost – A Complete Guide

nys license cost

How much does a New York State License Cost? No matter where you are in the world, you can’t operate a vehicle without a valid driving license in your name. This document ensures that you have the necessary experience and expertise to drive a car, truck, or motorcycle safely on the street.   If you […]

Top 25 Things to do on Long Island New York

Pier and Long Island City at sunset, seen from Gantry Plaza State Park, Queens, New York

What to do on Long Island NY It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the largest islands in the country has a lot of attractions to offer – both natural and man-made. Long Island is a stretch (literally) of beautiful beaches, lush greenery, stunning colors, and rich heritage. You could be driving past […]

Dielectric Testing For Bucket Trucks

dielectric test bucket truck

What Is A Dielectric Test On A Bucket Truck? Dielectric testing is an inspection process that is crucial for bucket trucks, manlifts, tow trucks, boom trucks, utility trucks, and other commercial vehicles. In short, the inspection ensures that the insulation on all of the electronic components on your vehicle are secure and working properly. This […]

NYC DOT Size & Weight Restrictions

NYC DOT size and weight restrictions

Size and Weight Limits for Trucks and Commercial Vehicles in NYC The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates trucks and commercial vehicles on New York City streets. These regulations are designed to keep the public, and other drivers, safe—and include restrictions based on a vehicle’s size, structure, and weight. In this post, you’ll learn more […]

The Ultimate Truck Maintenance Checklist 2023

checklist truck maintenance

Truck Maintenance Checklist The sandwich that you just ate for lunch had most of its ingredients transported in a truck. The device that you’re reading this article was likely delivered on a truck. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that trucks make the world go round. After all, the trucking industry in the US is over […]