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The Ultimate Truck Maintenance Checklist 2023

checklist truck maintenance

Truck Maintenance Checklist

The sandwich that you just ate for lunch had most of its ingredients transported in a truck. The device that you’re reading this article was likely delivered on a truck. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that trucks make the world go round. After all, the trucking industry in the US is over $732 billion.


Trucks, like any other vehicle, require proper, timely maintenance. And when you have a fleet of dozens or hundreds of trucks, you need a more organized way to carry out maintenance. That’s where the truck maintenance checklist comes in handy! With a checklist, maintenance work can flow smoothly and keep the fleet running optimally.


In this post, you’ll find a truck maintenance checklist template for virtually every type of truck. So regardless of what your business niche is, keep reading to get your hands on comprehensive truck maintenance checklists.

Truck preventive maintenance checklist

What is a Truck Maintenance Checklist?

A truck maintenance checklist lists down the maintenance tasks to ensure that all the parts and functionalities of a truck are running properly. Through these checklists, truck mechanics can check if there are any faults in need of repair or any parts in need of replacement.


Most commonly, truckers and mechanics use the truck preventive maintenance checklist that ensures there are no unexpected problems while the truck is on the road. However, there are also other types of truck maintenance, such as demand maintenance and crisis maintenance.


These checklists may be further divided into different categories, like the hood, cab, chassis, etc. Normally, the tasks on the list are either grouped by the area/part of the truck. Some checklists follow a priority-based order.

What are the Benefits of a Truck Maintenance Checklist?

Whether you have one truck or a fleet of them, having a checklist for maintenance can streamline the maintenance process. With a checklist in hand, mechanics can check all the parts without missing out on anything, which may later become a problem.


Checklists also provide the right order of maintenance activities that ultimately save time. As a result, the overall efficiency of the process increases. Of course, the last thing any business relying on trucks wants is for their trucks to be sitting idle in the garage for the sake of maintenance.


Most importantly, a truck maintenance checklist and maintenance, in general, can save your business repair costs. By detecting problems early on, businesses can prevent serious damage to the truck and avoid expensive repairs as well as downtime.


Furthermore, it can help prevent accidents and ensure compliance with road safety standards. In the trucking industry, federal and state regulations may mandate certain maintenance checks. For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) regarding emissions.


Finally, having a well-maintained fleet can lead to business growth and client satisfaction. That’s because a well-maintained fleet translates into timely deliveries, fewer problems on the road, and better driver safety.

Truck Maintenance Checklists

Checklists vary depending on the type of truck you are using. While some maintenance items are universal, others are more specific to the truck type, design, or use.


Here we have complied maintenance checklists for different commercial trucks. We’ve created a free Truck Maintenance Checklist excel file here.


Alternatively, download our Truck Maintenance Checklist PDF here: Truck Maintenance Checklist PDF

checklist heavy-duty truck

Heavy-duty truck maintenance is much more comprehensive than your average transport truck. So, here’s a complete list of heavy-duty truck preventive maintenance checklists:


Engine and Exhaust


Checklist truck maintenance template

Tires and Wheels


Seating Safety


Lights, Cameras, Reflectors, and Mirrors

checklist semitruck
checklist diesel truck

Diesel trucks are highly versatile trucks with both personal and commercial models available in the market. However, when it comes to maintenance, there’s not much difference between diesel trucks and gasoline cars. That said, some components are unique to a diesel vehicle, for example, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).


Here’s a simple checklist for diesel trucks:

Here are some tips regarding diesel truck maintenance:


  • Diesel engines typically need an oil change every 5000 to 6000 miles, varying by model. However, you may need to replace it sooner if you use the truck frequently and that too for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Air filters can easily be cleaned if they are dirty, but after a while, they may need replacement. If it’s too clogged and dirty, buy a replacement filter and replace it.
  • Fuel filters need replacement every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. There are two fuel filters in diesel engines.
  • Check the level of coolant from time to time and top it up if it’s low, as it will keep the diesel engine from overheating. Also, make sure to use the right coolant and dilute it if it’s not diluted already.
  • Diesel trucks, especially those that do a lot of hauling or towing (for example, camper or boat), need engine cleaning and tuneup more frequently. Prolonged accumulation of dirt and grime can take a toll on engine performance and fuel economy.
checklist bucket truck

Bucket trucks serve a variety of purposes, fixed with a hydraulic boom and bucket to carry workers up. From electric companies to utility crews, bucket trucks are used in every town and city. Of course, these also require maintenance, not just for the engine and other parts of the truck but also the boom and bucket.

Visual Check

Body Integrity

Pedestal Mounting Bolts

Checklist truck preventive maintenance


Operation Controls


Safety & Emergency

checklist food truck

Food trucks are essentially like any other truck, except these are equipped with food appliances as well. Therefore, the maintenance checklist is a little different. Aside from the regular checks for the truck itself, you should also check the equipment on the truck for safety reasons.

Visual Inspection

Emergency Equipment Check


Other Periodic Checks

Daily Safety Checks

checklist fire truck

While fire trucks may not be utilized every day, they serve a very important purpose. So they have to be in good condition at all times. This requires proper, timely maintenance of the vehicle as well as its fire extinguishing equipment.

checklist forklift truck

Forklifts or forklift trucks are used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and factories. While these are essentially heavy machinery, these do require regular maintenance like that by any other type of truck.

Minor Maintenance (250 hours of use)

Major Maintenance (500 hours of use)

Major maintenance (2,000 hours of use)

Fork Maintenance (250 hours of use)

Checklist garbage truck

Garbage trucks should have a daily visual inspection, as well as periodic (weekly, monthly, and annual) maintenance checks for the health and condition of the truck. Garbage trucks also need frequent cleaning and subsequent checks.

Daily Inspection

Periodic Maintenance

truck maintenance checklist pdf


A truck maintenance checklist can be a lifesaver not just metaphorically but literally. Doing proper maintenance on trucks like bucket trucks and fire trucks can ensure these vehicles don’t fail in times of need.


Similarly, for other trucks, be it a personal diesel truck or a fleet of heavy-duty trucks hauling containers, maintenance is the key to ensuring great productivity and reliable safety.


A standardized maintenance checklist is hard to find. But you can use the checklists above and make your own to use periodically. Some maintenance may not be needed for months, while some items should be checked daily, so create lists accordingly.


In addition to checking and maintaining truck parts, it’s equally important to ensure safety features are in working conditions. Checking warning lights, brakes, reflectors, and fire extinguishers regularly can reduce the chances of accidents.


Regardless of the type of truck you have for personal or business use, maintain a maintenance history digitally or in a physical format. This will come in handy for subsequent maintenance checks. This will help replace parts timely, such as engine oil, filters, coolant or antifreeze, windshield cleaner, and other fluids.

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