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17 Best Truck Repair Shops in New York City

truck repair shops New York City

Truck Repair Shops NYC

When it comes to finding the best truck repair shops in New York City, the stakes are high for drivers and fleet managers alike. The right service provider can mean the difference between a quick, efficient repair and costly downtime. This guide aims to simplify your search, providing a curated list of the 17 best truck repair shops in NYC. From specialized services to customer satisfaction, we’ve got you covered.

What to Look for in a Truck Repair Shop

Selecting the right truck repair shop is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Here’s a checklist to help you make an informed decision:

  • Specialization and Services: Look for shops with experience in your type of truck and the services you need, such as engine repair, transmission issues, or electrical systems.

  • Certifications and Expertise: Prefer shops with ASE-certified technicians or those with specific brand expertise to ensure high-quality repairs.

  • Customer Service: High responsiveness, positive reviews, and a satisfaction guarantee are indicators of a shop’s commitment to service.

  • Convenience: Consider location, availability for quick scheduling, and whether they offer emergency repairs or mobile services.

  • Transparency and Pricing: A reputable shop should provide clear estimates and communicate openly about repair needs and costs.

  • Additional Benefits: Look for shops offering warranties, loaner vehicles, or special facilities to enhance your repair experience.

Choosing a shop that meets these criteria can significantly improve your repair experience, ensuring your truck is in good hands.

1. TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center

TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center

TLC Auto & Truck Repair Service Center stands out in New York for its comprehensive service offerings. They specialize in various truck types, including commercial, heavy-duty, and diesel trucks. With over 30 years of experience, they are experts in engine repair, transmission issues, and electrical systems.

TLC stands out for its ASE certification, demonstrating their commitment to quality. Customers appreciate the responsive service, satisfaction guarantees, and personalized attention. Unique features like advanced diagnostic tools and 24/7 service options highlight their dedication to convenience and excellence.


2. Big Tows Inc.

big tows truck repair

Big Tows Inc. shines in heavy towing and roadside assistance across New York and New Jersey. They are known for handling heavy-duty trucks with services like mechanical and body repairs as well as tire and paint services. Their 24/7 emergency road service showcases their commitment to customer needs. With years of dedication, Big Tows Inc. ensures fast and efficient solutions. They boast a fleet equipped for on-site diesel, welding, hydraulic, and tire repairs.


3. Tow Truck NYC

Tow Truck NYC offers reliable and affordable 24/7 towing services across New York City. Their team specializes in a variety of services such as flatbed towing, overnight storage, and emergency roadside assistance. With a focus on fast response times and using the latest equipment, they ensure safe and efficient service for any vehicle, including those requiring special handling. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality service is what sets them apart.


4. A-1 MTS Mobile Truck Service

A-1 MTS Mobile Truck Service’s expertise is in diesel engines, braking systems, and electrical components. They excel in diagnostics and repairs. Their team prides itself on advanced diagnostic capabilities, ensuring that every repair is grounded in thorough analysis and expertise. A-1 MTS’s 15-year track rrecord of top-notch service positions them as a premier choice for diesel truck maintenance and repair​.


5. American Truck 24 Hour Emergency Road Service

American Truck 24 Hour Emergency Road Service

American Truck 24 Hour Emergency Road Service offers a variety of services, including shop repairs, 24/7 mobile repairs, tire services, heavy-duty towing, and custom fabrication. They can address a wide range of needs anytime, anywhere, making them a versatile and reliable service provider. American Truck ensures that help is always on hand for any truck-related emergency​​.


6. Gabrielli Truck Sales

Gabrielli Truck Sales, Bronx

Gabrielli Truck Sales is known for being the do-it-all shop. From frame straightening and precision wheel alignment to offering a fully stocked parts department, there’s almost nothing they can’t handle. Their commitment to efficiency and quality service is evident in their quick turnaround times and comprehensive repair solutions. Gabrielli Truck Sales’ extensive inventory and skilled technicians make it a one-stop shop for truck maintenance and repair needs​​.


7. Lakeville Heavy Truck Repair

Lakeville Heavy Truck Repair

Specializing in fleet box truck repair in New York City, NY, Lakeville Heavy Truck Repair provides around-the-clock mobile services in Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau Co NY, backed by over 40 years of industry experience. Specializing in diesel engine and trailer repairs, they offer rapid roadside assistance to keep trucks running smoothly. Lakeville ensures that professional help is always within reach for drivers and fleet managers alike​​.


  • Name: Lakeville Heavy Truck Repair
  • Address: 256-01 Jamaica Avenue, Floral Park, NY 11001
  • Phone: (718) 831-9300
  • Website:

8. Rush Truck Centers

Rush Truck Centers

Rush Truck Centers operates an extensive network of over 140 locations nationwide, including in NYC. Each location is staffed by factory-trained, ASE-certified technicians. They offer a wide array of services, including engine diagnostics and repair, HVAC services, and transmission work. Rush Truck Centers prioritize minimizing downtime and keeping vehicles in peak condition, making them a trusted partner for truck maintenance and repair across the U.S.


9. Axle Surgeons

Axle Surgeons

Axle Surgeons offers a unique service: they off axle repair directly at your location. They work on most large vehicles including trucks, trailers, and buses. Their certified mobile on-site specialists are equipped to handle drive and trailer axles, spindle repairs, and more. Because they come to you, you can be sure your vehicle is safely back on the road with minimal downtime. This convenient mobile service makes them a trusted choice for axle repair needs​​.


10. BigRig411

BigRig411 is a bit different from the others on our list, as it’s not strictly a repair shop. Rather, BigRig411 serves as a comprehensive resource for finding truck repair and maintenance services across the country. Whether you’re in need of mobile truck repair, tire maintenance, or towing services, BigRig411 helps you quickly locate expert service providers. Their platform assists truck drivers and fleets in efficiently managing breakdowns, OTR repairs, and scheduled maintenance. They’ll get your truck fixed and keep you moving without significant delays​​.


11. Queens Mobile Truck Repair

Queens Mobile Truck Repair

Queens Mobile Truck Repair is known for its expertise in a variety of repair services, including transmission systems, brake service, and trailer repair. They provide mobile engine repair and semi-truck repair, catering to a broad spectrum of brand name engines. Their skilled mechanics are equipped with advanced technology to diagnose and repair issues swiftly, ensuring reliable and efficient transmission and optimal vehicle performance.


12. Equipment Repair Center

Equipment Repair Center excels in repairs, parts, and service for diesel engines, aerial equipment, and heavy machinery. Open 24 hours, they offer services for boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and more, ensuring your heavy equipment is running smoothly. Their expertise extends to diesel fuel injection parts and service, making them a go-to for both routine and complex repairs. Their commitment to quality service and parts ensures minimal downtime for your machinery​​.


13. Thermo King Northeast

Thermo King Northeast

Thermo King Northeast provides around-the-clock roadside assistance for refrigeration services, and they also offer everything from warranty services to maintenance plans. Specializing in refrigerated vans, trucks, trailers, and air-conditioned buses, their certified technicians ensure fast and efficient service. Their state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive service capabilities make them a premier choice for maintaining optimal operating conditions for your transport refrigeration needs​​.


14. C & C Diesel

For 18 years, C & C Diesel and Hydraulic Repair LLC in Brooklyn, NY, has been a go-to spot for fixing diesel and hydraulic equipment. Their expertise spans engines, diesel fuel injection parts, and comprehensive hydraulic equipment repair, ensuring every job meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. They’ve built a solid reputation by being reliable and doing quality work, providing peace of mind to their clientele that their machinery is in capable hands.


  • Name: C & C Diesel Repair and Rentals 
  • Address: 2752 W 15th St, Brooklyn, NY 11224
  • Phone: +1 929-377-9542

15. Tip Top Diesel

Tip Top Diesel in Whitestone, NY, specializes in keeping diesel engines running well, especially with fuel injection repairs. With a 13-year track record, they’ve built a reputation for unparalleled service quality. Their focus and expertise in the diesel niche underline their role as invaluable support for diesel vehicle operators seeking reliable and skilled service.


  • Name: Tip Top Diesel
  • Address: 1839 Gilford Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, United States
  • Phone: +1 718-747-7388

16. FleetPride


As the nation’s largest supplier of heavy-duty truck parts, FleetPride stands out not just for its extensive parts inventory but also for its comprehensive repair services across the United States. Their service centers are equipped to handle all types of truck repair needs, backed by a robust nationwide warranty on parts. FleetPride’s commitment to quality and reliability—combined with their ability to supply a wide range of parts—makes them a top choice for truck owners and operators.


  • Name: FleetPride
  • Address: 23 Denton Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, United States
  • Phone: +1 516-519-8855
  • Website:

17. Brooklyn On-Site Truck Repair

Brooklyn On-Site Truck Repair

Brooklyn On-Site Truck Repair revolutionizes truck maintenance in New York City by bringing high-quality repair services directly to you. Specializing in mobile repairs, their ASE-certified mechanics are skilled at handling transmission issues, brake services, and electrical system repairs. They cater to a broad spectrum of trucks and commercial vehicles, offering the convenience of on-site service without the need to tow your vehicle to a repair shop. This approach not only saves time but also minimizes downtime. They ensure your truck is back on the road as quickly as possible.


Preparing for a Visit to the Repair Shop

Before visiting a repair shop, it’s important to:

  • Know Your Needs: Be clear about what services your truck requires.
  • Gather Documentation: Bring any relevant service records or warranty information.
  • Research the Shop: Look up reviews and services to ensure they meet your needs.
  • Prepare Questions: List any questions you have about the services, costs, or time frames.
  • Check Availability: Confirm the shop’s hours and if you need an appointment.
  • Vehicle Preparation: Make sure your truck is clean and remove any personal items.


By doing this prep work in advance, you’re sure to have a seamless experience at the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quote or estimate for my truck's repairs?

To get a quote or estimate for your truck’s repairs, contact the repair shop by phone or through their website, if available. Many shops offer free estimates and may require details about your truck and the issues it’s experiencing to provide a more accurate quote. Some may even offer online tools or forms to submit your inquiry.

Can these shops handle emergency repairs or provide roadside assistance?

Yes, many shops listed, like Lakeville Heavy Truck Repair and Rush Truck Centers, offer emergency repairs and roadside assistance services. They are equipped to handle urgent issues and get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible. Always check with the specific shop for availability and coverage areas for their emergency services.

What warranties or guarantees do these repair shops offer?

Repair shops typically offer various warranties or guarantees on their work and the parts used. For instance, FleetPride backs its services with a nationwide parts warranty. It’s important to inquire directly with the shop about the specifics of their warranties or guarantees to understand the coverage and duration.

Best Truck Repair Shops - New York, NY

This guide has introduced you to the 17 best truck repair shops in New York City, highlighting their specialties, services, and unique selling points. From emergency roadside assistance to specialized repairs and maintenance services, these shops are equipped to meet the diverse needs of truck owners and fleet managers. 

Consider specialization, certifications, customer service, convenience, and warranties or guarantees when selecting a repair shop. Choosing a shop that aligns with these criteria ensures your truck receives the best possible care.

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