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Introducing Our Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept

Tesla Widebody Model 3

The Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept

It should be no secret by now that we love pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the automotive industry and love showcasing the incredible talents of our whole crew, so when it came time for us to take a good hard look into the future of the industry we knew we had to come up with something that would bring attention to electric vehicles in a way no one has done before. This is the result, our Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept.

When laying out concepts for this project we knew it had to be something that would catch your attention unlike anything you’ve seen before and for a car with the comforts and performance of a Tesla Model 3, which meant highlighting those features and expanding on them to make them even better.

Introducing Our Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept 1

Tesla Model 3 Widebody Project

Our incredible design team came up with this low and wide concept, featuring a full handcrafted widebody and custom front and rear bumpers, complete with real carbon fiber ducting for improved airflow and massive 12 inch wide 3 piece wheels in all four corners kept in control by a custom-built air suspension all finished in an eye-opening Mexico blue.

This Tesla Model 3 Widebody project is about way more than building a truly one of a kind work of art, it’s about pushing the industry forward, drawing attention to the electric vehicles of the future and making sure that our incredibly talented team you’ve come to trust has even more experience with tomorrow’s vehicles by taking them apart and building them better piece by piece.

Fabrication is planned on beginning this winter so be sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the progress! In the mean time, enjoy the rest of our concept art and some phone wallpapers below!

Introducing Our Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept 2

As an award-winning sports sedan, the Tesla Model 3 stands in a class of its own, compared to other electric-powered automobiles. It offers a variety of impressive, state-of-the-art features and specifications you won’t find anywhere else.

Without a doubt, this model’s reputation precedes itself since the Tesla brand has become synonymous with next-generation, environmentally-friendly electric cars.

Even better, there is now a range of customization like widebody kits that add more flair and style to a model that already turns heads.

Still, you may not know what makes this Tesla worth a test drive, so this post will go over the essentials of why you should consider buying one, especially a customized, widebody Tesla Model 3. 

What's the point of a widebody kit?

The bottom line is this: widebody kits improve a car’s performance, mostly traction and acceleration. Sometimes called ground-effects kits, this type of customization really changes how air flows around and under the vehicle.

Introducing Our Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept 3

Appearance-wise, widebody kits make the car look wider and more imposing on the road.

But there are also practical considerations to keep in mind before going out to buy a Tesla ground-effects kit.


When you widen a car’s body, it changes the way the vehicle performs – period. The degree of change depends on the quality of the kit and how much it’ll impact the car’s aerodynamics.

Ideally, a widebody kit shouldn’t dramatically alter aerodynamics, but they do, in fact, adjust the automobile’s steering and handling.

Installing a widebody on a sports car or sports sedan increases traction because the length-width ratio of the vehicle will be different. The result is usually that the car is less likely to spin out and “fish-tail” around corners if you happen to punch the accelerator.

Also, since widebody kits widen the distance between tires and axles, you can use bigger, wider tires for maximum grip in less-than-ideal driving conditions.


Nonetheless, there are a few downsides to know as well. Mainly, a ground-effects kit won’t improve the fuel economy of a gas-powered car. In fact, it’ll do precisely the opposite.

Any widebody kit adds weight to the vehicle and expands its front profile. This change can be cosmetic or functional if you buy high-performance equipment. Either way, a heavier vehicle means that it won’t reach its top-line speed as fast as it used to.

Ultimately, the modified car won’t necessarily be ideal for long-distance driving. So, to get the most out of ground-effects customization, you have to drive at high speeds to really notice the performance boost

Introducing Our Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept 4

Tesla Model 3 – General specs and features

That said, here’s a quick rundown of the Tesla Model 3’s general specifications and features.

On the one hand, this model is similar to other Teslas, but on the other, it offers just the right mix of comfort, class, and power.

Currently, the Model 3 is available in four different trims:

  • Model 3 Standard Range Plus Rear-wheel Drive
  • Model 3 Long Range All-wheel Drive
  • Model 3 Performance All-wheel Drive
  • Model 3 Standard Range Rear-wheel Drive

Let’s take a look at the Long Range All-wheel drive trim to go over the details.

Widebody Tesla Model 3 side

Exterior and interior specs

  • 360-degree Autopilot with a camera visual processing range of 250 meters
  • 12 ultrasonic sensors
  •  Aluminum front-wheel dimensions of 18-inches x 8.5 inches
  • 15-inch touch display with upgradable capabilities
  • Over-the-air software updates to expand the functionality
  • Front-to-back glass roof
  • Tinted windows
  • LED brake lights
  • 15-speaker premium entertainment system
  • Hotspot mobile internet
  • 12 volt DC outlet for device charging


Certainly, this model comes with even more attractive features that you simply won’t find in other electric vehicles.

Performance specs

  • Zero to 60 mph as fast as 3.1 seconds
  • Top-line speed of 162 mph (under road test conditions)
  • Dual-motor all-wheel drive
  • Digital torque control
  • Axle ratio of 9.00
  • 1-speed automatic transmission
  • 3 skid plates
  • Electric power-assisted, speed-sensing steering
  • Dual wishbone front suspension and coil springs
  • Multi-link rear suspension
  • Lithium-ion battery with an 11.5 kW onboard charger (~10 hours of charge time at 220 to 240 volts and a 75 kWh capacity)
  • 4-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock braking
  • Base weight of 4,031 pounds

Now, let’s go over some exterior and interior features.

Tesla Widebody Model 3 Back left

Difference Between Widebody Tesla Model 3 And Standard Model

Moving along, the next question is: what makes a widebody Tesla Model 3 different from standard Model 3s? The answer depends on the style and quality of the ground-effects kit you’d like to install.

You could opt for a cosmetic widebody kit, but that’s not the best choice nowadays because you can find performance kits that are specifically meant for the Tesla Model 3.

At a minimum, a quality ground-effects kit should include several items. Mainly, it needs to at least have components for the car’s bumpers, fenders, hood, spoilers, and side skirts.

Essentially, those are the main parts of an outstanding performance widebody kit.

The material of the kit’s components also matters tremendously since it’ll affect the weight of the vehicle the most. That’s why quality ground-effects kits come in the carbon-fiber variety.

The benefit of using carbon fiber is that it’s, in fact, very lightweight, and materials comprised of carbon fiber are far more durable and flexible. Combine those two qualities, and it’s easy to see why the top widebody kits on the market almost always have options for carbon fiber.

If the price of a top-end carbon fiber widebody kit is too high, you could also shoot for partial carbon fiber materials to save money.

Tesla Widebody Model 3 above

In the end, widebody Tesla Model 3’s look amazing and give the car a more sporty, trendy curb appeal that you simply can’t get with stock Teslas.

Leave a comment below if you like our concept and the article. Thank you!

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